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Pug Fuglies
Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  Pathway of the Jellyfish Part 1
play hi-fi  Thump Thump Beat Attack
play hi-fi  Cosmodelic Journey To the Forbidden
play hi-fi  Mr Grimm Returns
play hi-fi  Techno Ritual
play hi-fi  Funky Zatfig
play hi-fi  Don't Forget to Strut
play hi-fi  Dance of the Summer Photons
play hi-fi  Tears of the Forgotten
play hi-fi  Cyberdyne Systems Model 101
Pug Fuglies is a surrealist adventure through repugnance, beauty, silliness and the obscure, designed for escapism and just plain old fun.
Why this name?
"Pug fugly" was actually a quote from Moe Sizlack of The Simpsons fame.
Do you play live?
Pug Fuglies currently exists purely in electronic form; a live show would be dodgy at best.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The Internet has made music as a whole incredibly accessible to the masses. Many forgotten musicians, or musicians who are relatively obscure, now have a voice.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I don't see a major label being interested in experimental instrumentals, but if they were I would definitely show interest, so long as my creativity wasn't stifled.
Band History:
Pug Fuglies began in 2007 when I became confident enough in my electronic compositions to begin sharing them with others. It is purely software driven but will hopefully branch out to include "real" instruments and singing. On occasion I collaborate with other musicians.
Your influences?
It can range from the very heavy (Cannibal Corpse, Darkthrone, White Zombie, Autopsy, Slayer, Venom) to the very strange (Captain Beefheart, The Residents, John Zorn, Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle). I take a lot of influence from various synth-driven groups (Yellow Magic Orchestra, Devo, Visage, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk) and I find myself being inspired by endless groups and styles of music I discover on the Internet, particularly YouTube and Pandora.
Favorite spot?
Anywhere I've never been.
Equipment used:
Nothing more than a desktop computer!
Anything else...?
Life is not pointless, full of suffering or driven by greed. One need not look far to find the beauty and selflessness of humanity.
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