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Fear 2 Stop
Ninez West Coast
SHAWTY - Dancehall, Pop, UK Dancehall Type Beat
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play hi-fi  Peppermint Twist (Demo)
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play hi-fi  Afterglow (2014 Album Version)
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play hi-fi  2pm (Finished version)
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play hi-fi  Good Ol' Days
We are an experimental outfit from Houston,Texas. Our music sounds different from anything else out there-which is a good thing! We're written/recorded over 300 songs since 2001; on this site is but a sample of our material.
Why this name?
It was a lyric from a Powerman 5000 song, and it fit our personalities. We fear stopping what we are doing because it will suffocate our creativity. That's... not a good thing.
Do you play live?
Not yet....
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's a good thing. The days of generic pop groups being forced upon us by major labels are dwindling....thankfully. Some of the most interesting music ever made is available only on the net.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, if a good offer came about... Why? Do you know someone?
Your influences?
Brian Wilson, Marilyn Manson, Daniel Johnston, Nobuo Uematsu, Rammstein, Primus, and Pink Floyd. Kind of an eclectic mix, huh? It may sound weird, but you can really hear our influences in our sound if you listen hard enough. Oddly enough, there is just the slightest hint of our Southern upbringing in our music. That being, country music. It's not obvious, but obsessive listening may reveal it. Hopefully not.
Favorite spot?
Amsterdam-although I've never actually been there.Not for the reasons you might think, either. I'm Dutch on my mom's side, and proud of my heritage-Billy

Back to Japan (Okinawa)-Raymond

Equipment used:
MTV Music Generator 2 and Adobe Audition.
Billy C 2014
Dana and Billy Castillo 2013
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