Satan Fall Down
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IJenNeh is an unique combination of Reggae, African, Gospel, Blues and Beatbox. Echoes of the Blind, was the first group organized by Lasana Kanneh (music director of IJenNeh), and based in Monrovia, Liberia. This group was composed of eight blind men who sang for food on the war ravaged streets of Liberia. Lasana remembers singing in the midst of rebel fighting with bullets flying over their heads. At different points, he was forced to sing for infamous war lords. While the former groups were all acappella, IJenNeh has added instruments and our signature drums. This has created our unique sound with outstanding vocals and pulsating beats.
Why this name?
IJenNeh means "Heaven" in Mandingo. Mandingo is a dialect spoken across Western Africa.
Do you play live?
Yes, we love to play live and do it often in Oregon and Washington.
Band History:
IJenNeh developed from the earlier groups of Echoes of the Blind, Liberian Acappella and African Gospel Acappella. The music director of these groups, Lazso Kanneh suffered much in his native homeland of Liberia. He escaped war, persecution, poverty and personal failure to bring you these beautiful songs of hope and restoration.
Your influences?
African, Reggae, Gospel, Acappella and any good music. We love many styles of music.
Favorite spot?
With your loved ones.
Equipment used:
Vocals, drums, bass guitar, keyboard, electric guitar, shakers, cowbells, Sonar Studio Software.
Anything else...?
Please see our new cd at
One Thing I Ask cd
DaLynn, Lasana, Karalie
Karalie & Lasana
IJenNeh Vocal Band
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