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angel flower music
angel flower music
East Coast
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i have some songs to share. i hope you are blessed and encouraged!

This is the name of the Music Publishing Company that I have formed.
It is where I am posting all my songs as I do them to the best of my ability,
for the Lord's Glory.
It is my prayer that these songs will someday be done in the most professional manner,
by skilled musicians and vocalists, in professional recording studios,
with proper orchestrations, and that many will be blessed and encouraged.

But, for now, I am sharing this music with you, and hope it blesses and encourages you,
and maybe you may sing these melodies in your car, in your kitchen, and in your heart.
May this be a blessing to you!
Thank You Jesus! AMEN!
Why this name?
My given name is Angela Fiore.
Angel Flower is my name translated into English from Italian.

Do you play live?
I used to do the band thing.
Now I write and share songs about Jesus!

My history includes that I played all over New York, at parties, weddings, clubs
and I was an Activity Director in Nursing Homes.
Now, I often play at Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers,
where I sing the Standards and Classic Gold -
and then share a few of the songs He has allowed me to pen.
It is a custom made ministry the Lord has allowed,
and I am able to reach many people who might not go to a church.

I have never been more alive than I am right now, singing for the Lord.
He hears me where ever I am.
It is a command performance, just for The Lord and by me.

I am happy to share my songs and my testimony
and I am open to go anywhere the Lord sends me.
I am mostly a songwriter now,
but I will sing to the best of my ability, as He leads me.

I also sing in Churches, and at Christian Coffeehouses.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I am amazed that I can now share the songs The Lord has given me all over the world!
What a blessing!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I have a contract with the Most High, to sing for Him.
He created me to sing for Him.
What else do I need, a worldly piece of paper?
I have learned, and I am still learning, to totally trust, and with or without a contract, I will sing for the Lord, and I do know that He will provide.
Band History:
No Band, but I love it when you sing along with me!

If any band / vocalist would like to record these songs, please contact me at

Your influences?
Before I was saved, I sang in Wedding bands, did top 40, then worked
the clubs with an oldies band, doing 50-60's, do-wop, Motown.
My former day job, as a recreation therapist, allowed me to do music from
the 1920's and up for my Senior Citizen/Nursing home population,
doing Big Band/Swing, 40's-50's standards, so I would think my music influence is very varied.

I enjoyed all the great groups of the 60's -70's, so yes, I have had many musical influences.

If you listen, I think you will find a song
that will touch your heart
Favorite spot?
The Beach, any beach, anywhere!
Equipment used:
Korg Pa50SD
AKG mic C 2000 B

and lots of help from my friends at CSN
Anything else...?
I am available to share my testimony and songs.
for information, contact me at dittmar.angela at

Gospel Singer in Spring Hill
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