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Buried Talents Band IS:

Three Brothers...
Joe, Steve, and Chris Solaas are three brothers, all Eagle Scouts, with a desire to give a message of Good News to the world, and the talents to do so.
Joe is a high tenor with a voice like Neil Young. Rhythm and Lead guitar, bass, drums.
Steve is a baritone something like Bing Crosby meets Burl Ives. Rhythm Guitar.
Chris is a tenor like John Denver meets Chris Rice. Chris is the principle songwriter for the band. Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals, keyboards.

Three Others...
Add to this mix Al English Jr., Sheila Zachary, and Mark Lucchessi
Al is the bassist for the group. He also writes some material, and plays acoustic guitar and lead. He's a high tenor also, but has a huge range. Think 'Keith Green meets Phil Keagge'.
Sheila is the female vocalist for the group. She has a voice like Nicole C Mullen with an attitude.
Mark is our drummer. He's been drumming all his life, and it shows. He's incredible.
Justin is our soundman and occasionally, keyboards.

Why this name?
In July 2006, Chris Solaas was sitting in a church service, half-listening to his Pastor Tim Lampley talking about the parable of the talents.

Suddenly, something the pastor said got his attention - 'The talent mentioned here could be anything God has given you that you have NOT invested in His kingdom.'

'That's YOU,' God suddenly seemed to say to Chris. 'YOU are that wicked servant. You buried the songwriting talent I gave you.'

It was true. Chris had written songs early in life, from 1976 - 1986, he wrote about 30 love songs, many depressing, some rather good. But since 1986, he'd written only a few songs, all pointedly Christian, when God pounded them into his skull.

God had told Chris this before, but all that came out of it was the song, 'A Reward', which you can listen to here.

This time, God wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer.

So Chris said 'ok, God, I'll take whatever songwriting talent I have and use it for Your glory.'

Do you play live?
Not yet. Coming in September we'll be open for venues.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet has allowed independents like us to get our message out without seeking desperately for a recording contract. Coupled with the advances in inexpensive equipment and software out today, a band can get heard for very little.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Probably Not. I'm able to record my own music, get it heard here, and do what I love and get to keep my day job too.
Your influences?
Acoustic with acoustic or electric leads. Vocal harmonies like Phillips, Craig and Dean or Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

We are a light rock or Folk sound, with a ballad style of message. Stories in song, music with a message.
Equipment used:
I use a mixer made in Germany, (Behringer UB802), a Guitar made in China (Johnson), a computer made in Singapore, A Keyboard made in Japan (Casio 45I) and a Microphone made in Mexico.

About the only thing I use made in the USA is these fingers...And this voice.
Anything else...?
Sure! if you want to improve your Musical Talent, get good feedback on your Christian Songs, hone your skills, click on the following link!

If you want to see our Band Website, click on the following link:

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