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Band History:

In old school 1989, Sims was already a skilled streetdancer before he started writing lyrics as MC junior B in Englisch. But very soon he realised that writing in his own language gave him more flexibility. He thought wich laguage is better to use and control then your own.

Sinds then, 1991, he stopped writing in Englisch and continued in Flemisch (Dutch). Also his name had to change so he became SIMS, which he also used in his grafittiart, ever since.

He first trained his skills for almost ten years, before he created his own band RAS (Respectful Alliance of Souldierz) in 1999. Together with some friends from his neighbourhood he blew up different stages with their exploding performances.

In 2004, they released their first album "RAP present RAS" under his own label TERRORREC.

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