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Beautiful People (Bobby Valentino/Drake)
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I've started M-Force in november 2005 with a tek-house remake after Ice Mc feat Alexia - Think About The Way. The song was "Think About 2.6" and had a huge impact on the internet. Almost 300 downloads in just 2 days. "Think About 2.6" was re-edited by TanYa the Queen of Mixes and then broadcasted on a local radio station Alfa Zone Galati, on the top 15 chart show (Thanx 2 Oana Cernat). Because of the good feedbacks another M-Force remake followed. "Move My Body", which includes a synth part from Cappella - Move It Up, was the most downloaded single. 498 downloads in just 2 days.
On 1st January 2006 the M-Force Soundclick Web Page was born.
The First album "Move My Body", released on the internet in 2006. Several tracks from it, hit the top 10 charts: "Move My Body", "Think About", "Turn Me On", "Boom Chaka", "U Got 2 Let The Music".
"U Got 2 Let The Music 2.6" was also broadcasted on Radio Alfa Zone Galati (Thanx 2 Oana Cernat), at the same show.
The second album "VooDoo" had even more downloads and votes. "Time After Time" hit the top 10 for several months.
Because many peoples wrote M-Force e-mails asking more Cappella remixes, the second album had some new versions of "U Got 2 Let The Music" and "U And Me".
After a short break, the third album was released on SoundClick, "Everything". Containing more Cappella sounds, remakes but also new styles like oriental on "Arabian Nights".
Another short break and "U R Deep In My Heart 2007" was released, having great impact on people.
At the begining of 2007 the SoundClick page was deleted becasue of some technical problems and all the songs charts, downloads and history were lost.
In February 2007 M-Force comes back with a new SoundClick account and new songs. "Wicked" was new and original and although it wasn't a cover after a popular song it had a great feedback. Because of that the "Wicked CD Maxi" was released.
For some other technical problems, just a few more songs were released during 2007 but no new album.
2008 brings a slow side of M-Force with: "Passion", "My bed is empty without you" and "Messages" from the album "Ambient".
Another song released in several versions but on a different web site and with a different name: Re-action - "Divine"
2009: a somekind of re-re-release for "U Got 2 Let The Music" but different this time. New vocals, new sound, new style. "The Music 2.9" had a nice impact over a few web pages.
2010: a change of style with" Pune-o In Gura" going far from eurodance to house.
Why this name?
M(more, magic, music) - Force
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
M-Force produce music just 4 fun and not 4 sale.
Band History:
2005 - "Think About 2.5" broadcasted on Top 15 Chart @ Radio Alfa Galati
2006 -"U Got 2 Let The Music 2.6" broadcasted on Top 15 Chart @ Radio Alfa Galati
2006 - First album "Move My Body" downloaded 2156 times
2008 - The 13th maxi album will be uploaded "Divine Reactions"
2009 - "The Music 2.9" released as maxi 3 versions
2010- "Pune-o In Gura" featuring Laura Andresan single
Your influences?
Dance acts of the 90's (Cappella, E-Rotic, Culture Beat, etc).
Favorite spot?
Barcelona, London, Marrakech.
Equipment used:
Fl Studio, Sony Acid.
Let URSelf B 3 (Valiant Mix)
Do U Believe
U & Me
UG2LTM (Valiant Mix)
UG2LTM (Valiant Mix)
VooDoo Tribalism V Mix
Overture 2
Time After Time
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