Mark From Hawaii
My Olde Skool Steely Dan Cover
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A little classic Steely Dan for all you old timers. And yes, we did play this back at my old school. 'Iolani No Ka Oi!
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...Just a working joe who happens to play a little guitar and tries to sing on pitch. Oh, and I live, work, and play in the bestest of the bestest place.
Why this name?
It's who I am, isn't it?
Do you play live?
Well, actually yes:

Palisades Baptist Church Worship Team

NoName (your basic garage band)

The occaisional YouTube solo thang:
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Well it certainly lets hacks like me get my yayas out, lol!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depends - I'm quite comfortable as an engineer for the local utility. The Lord has blessed me. ;-)
Your influences?
Hmmm, the list could go on and on but here are just a few:

Jimi Hendrix
Charlie Parker
Charlie Christian
Jeff Beck
Charles Michael Brotman
Eric Clapton
Ledward Kaapana
Jimmy Page
Dennis Kamakahi
Greg Koch
B.B. King
John Coltrane
Larry Carlton
Andres Segovia
Al DiMeola
Robin Trower
Gabby Pahinui
Van Halen
John Scofield
Carlos Santana
Danny Gatton
Roy Rogers
Favorite spot?
Home in Pearl City, HI
Equipment used:
Go here:
Anything else...?
Sure, I thank and praise my Lord, Savior and friend Jesus Christ for blessing me and my family and for saving me. He rocks!