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Raga Concepts
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play hi-fi  Vizhigalil Karaindhai Anbe
play hi-fi  Bahudhari's Blues - Katrenbadhu Mella Mella
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play hi-fi  Kanda NaaL Mudhal
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play hi-fi  Beautiful morning - Instrumental
Welcome to Arvind's music page. You can find some of my interesting creations. I am a keen student of world music (don't read too much into the word 'world' ;).

Hope you enjoy them and leave enough in the way of feedback to make my next creation even more enjoyable :)
Why this name?
Most of my creations are based on some raga or other. After all, is not every song, a subset from the 12 semi-tones ?

When i started out with the idea of jamming, i had this semi-classical notion of raga and light music combo. Hence the name 'Raga Concepts'
Do you play live?
For the love of my life, i can't play anything live. I have never been trained in any form of music. It is just out my interest, and determination, i have made thus far :)

Special moment : Not along ago, i used to pester my parents (poor them) - as to how film songs, beautifully weave the magic of the raga, without sounding like a carnatic/hindustani composition. Now when i create these concepts based on raga, each and every bit is fulfilling i.e. the process of creation is more fulfulling than the finished product - atleast up until now :)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Collaboration, Knowledge, Feedback and Sharing - all of this is umpteen times easier !
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I wish :)
Your influences?
Without doubt ARR and IR - the two people who have lured me towards music more than anyother composers.

With ARR - it is the whole package, his creativity, his sound engineering etc

With IR - it is his amazing talent to showcase the beauty of any raga with simple constructs !
Equipment used:
Casio WK 3200, CTK-551 and a pentium-box
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