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Johan JSolco Bakker
Soothing Solo Piano
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The Refter Improvisation Concert: Enjoy Another Part! ..from a 50 minutes instant composed and original piece.. For a moment I make a switch to F minor..
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'In spite of the Pompe Disease my fingers still enable me to play...I will be back..'

Kathy Parsons, Aug. 2006 (www.solopianopublications.com): Concert for Civilization / Nient' altro che un sogno, is Johan Bakkers third solo piano release and shows a great deal of artistic growth since his previous Whisperkiss (2000). The translation of the subtitle for the album, Nient altro che un sogno, is Just like (in) a dream. Nothing more. A fluid, dreamlike quality is present in all of the music , which was five years in the making. This CD has been chosen as the soundtrack for an international film being produced by Odelion in Paris.

Concert for Civilization is a very stirring musical work of art that combines classical, new age, and ambient stylings in a deeply personal way. Im thrilled to know that Johan Bakker will be able to continue sharing his music with us! This CD is available from cdbaby.com and amazon.com. Recommended!

Sadly, the Dutch artist has been suffering from Pompe disease, which causes progressive muscle weakness and a great deal of pain. The creation of this album was Bakkers way of dealing with the situation, unsure of how long he would be able to keep playing the piano. The music is understandably moody, but doesnt convey despair or panic. It feels more like an open and heartfelt dialog with the piano , a trusted and beloved friend and comfort. Until recently, Bakker was unable to sit at the piano for more than five or ten minutes without a great deal of pain in his shoulders, arms, and legs. Happily, he is now using an experimental drug that is bringing tremendous improvement, allowing him to play pain-free for a longer and longer time - wonderful news indeed!"

Find all about Johan on his website: www.listenpiano.com