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Baton Rouge Music Company
Nussie Badazz The Dumb Way
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11/30/07 @ 12:49 PM     post a comment
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Baton Rouge Music Company is a Promo Firm which provices Baton Rouge Artist with free promo on the net.
Why this name?
We repersent the best of Baton Rouge so naturally we are the Baton Rouge Music Company. Plain and Simple. no bling needed. Keep it easy
Do you play live?
Of Course our clients play live, wherever and whenever they can they do it big. From North Gate Tavern to Plaza Live we do it all.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is our main tool in the promotion of our clients, we can reach millions and millions of people and provide them with information, music, contact information, ect. It's the way of life and we gotta stay up to date.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Our Clients are always looking to take there music to the next level and they are always looking for new faces to work with so yes they would. They are NOT looking for just any deal though they are looking for the right deal that suits them the best. Defiently!!!
Band History:
Baton Rouge Music Company has been around almost 10 years but it was under the name Trane Productionz but recently at the start of June 2006 was the Baton Rouge Music Company created. In the first 2 weeks we have gotten over 10 new clients plus our other clients that we haved worked with for years and years. The Family Keeps growing and we thank god for this.

Your influences?
Master P, he turned nothing into something and i thnk we did the same
Favorite spot?
Anything else...?
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