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Groupies' Panciteria
NEWS   In December of 2009, Groupies' Panciteria as a defunct band released for the first time here its politically-charged 2005-07 CD of songs FOR FREE DOWNLOADING in the mp3 format! Download the album now!!

You can share copies with friends!! But the songs are for sharing, not for sale, that's right.

This offer emulates the erstwhile FREE downloadability of several of Gary Granada's albums!! Mabuhay!!! Enjoy!!! Manigong Bagong Taon!!!
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play hi-fi  01 Boladas/Blangko
play hi-fi  02 Kaluluwang Climber
play hi-fi  03 Apat Na Syon
play hi-fi  04 This Is My Blood (Waray Waltz)
play hi-fi  05 Binola, Ni-Rape, Minarder (The Apparition, Sa K
play hi-fi  06 Corrupt na Reyna
play hi-fi  07 O Aking GRO (o, 630)
play hi-fi  08 Cebuano Indios Attack At Dawn Magellan's Estero
play hi-fi  09 Heto Na (Narcosystem, Wating-ever)
play hi-fi  10 Softswim


Groupies' Panciteria used to be a young Tacloban-based band called Rosary Beeds composed of Puding on vocals, JR Casco on bass, Joey Geroca on lead guitar, Steven Lawsin on rhythm guitar, and Val Salazar on drums. Then the five-o hired the Bocaue, Bulacan-based left-of-center Web poet Jojo Soria de Veyra to write the band's lyrics in Tagalog for the panciteria, as against the coffesshop, crowd. De Veyra (here performing under the name Tandang Soria) became the band's second vocals, percussionist, co-arranger, vocal harmonics co-arranger and co-masterer of the band's cheap demo recording.
Why this name?
Unlike the music of a Filipino band like, say, Sandwich, the songs of Groupies? Panciteria may not be geared for the young coffeeshop crowd, being 96% Tagalog pop rock. And so the group avers that their groupies (or fans) could very well be found at the neighborhood panciteria, inclusive of students, office workers, as well as the pot-bellied coppers likely to be found there. Think early Eraserheads or Rivermaya. Or Yano/Pan/dongabay, Sugarfree, or the Itchyworms of the Noontime Show album fame. Or Orange and Lemons and De Lara when they?re singing in Tagalog. Or Parokya ni Edgar, if you will allow. But always politically-charged as Gary Granada or, at least, Yano is.

The band has gathered fourteen lucky pieces for a 1:03 plus-hour CD titled Heto Na . . . Ating Jackal Virgin! that's filled with subtle social commentary.
Do you play live?
Yes, we used to. Anywhere, everywhere. Bars, parks, everywhere. Yeah, well, we liked it. No, we loved it! Well, sometimes we didn't, actually. Each performance was special, if not for our reputation, at least to our education. :-)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
First, it broadens opportunities for impoverished bands/artists to be heard. It is hoped that the Internet will help kill the steep payola system involved in FM radio exposures. Although still a tall order for now, it's a good start. As for CDs being ripped and distributed as mp3s via the Net, that will certainly reassign profit to channels other than CD sales, and that includes expensive lawyers as well as concert promoters. And, uhm, mp3 download outlets inclusive of online ones such as this. :-)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Why not? Sign-up, manufacturing distribution, poly-distribution, secret contributions. :-)
Band History:
Once upon a time, a band that called itself Rosary Beeds roamed a park, looking for a lyricist. On another side of the park, a poet also roamed, looking for a band who might want to perform his songs.

Tired after all the looking, the band sat on a rock. Also tired from looking, the poet sat on another rock near the rock the band sat on.

Having sat near each other, the band and the poet started talking about things other than their journeys and dreams. They talked about the weather. Then, as the tiredness waned and the energy started to fire up once more, they started talking about music.

But the band and the poet could only exchange advises and stories. When one suggested to join forces---nobody now knows who---all parties became reluctant to do just that.

But one day the band invited the poet to drink at a house near the park, all to celebrate the band's disqualification from a band contest. They drank. And soon they started to write a song. Not rewriting the poet's songs but concocting new ones.

This is the part where this story becomes boring. This is the part where this story is better left to the songs.
Your influences?
People expecting this band to sound like another band will be disappointed. GP doesn't sound like any other band. Instead, they try to sound like every other band in each and every other song, temporarily squatting in a music and then moving on to another so to speak!

They sell verstaility in their music in light of the singular poetic voice of their lyricist. But to those who want to puke on versatility, they say, PUKE NOW, YOU PUKER. PUKE F---ING NOW! :D

Still, they can mention having ripped off fragments or elements from Ryan Adams, Freddie Aguilar, Asin, early America, The Beatles, Ludwig van Beethoven, Collective Soul, Datu's Tribe, The Doors, Eagles, Eraserheads, Gipsy Kings, Gary Granada, Goo Goo Dolls, Helmet, Jimi Hendrix, Hotdog, early Juan de la Cruz Band, Led Zeppelin, Francis M., Metallica, MYMP, Nirvana, P.O.T., Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Razorback, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Scorpions, Gary Valenciano, Velvet Underground, early Yoyoy Villame, Wolfgang, Yano, and Neil Young.

GP love quoting, and they aim to dedicate their band's life to ripping off fragments and elements from anybody and everybody in rock (or even chacha) history! Here's aping to kill all aping!!
Favorite spot?
Metro Manila? Tacloban? Who knows where one can be happy or when?
Equipment used:
GP has used WASHBURN, GIBSON, FENDER, RJ & LUMANOG GUITARS, PEARL DRUMS, and a YAMAHA PORTASOUND PSS-270. :-) Demo recorded with equipment at Harmony Hub, Tacloban City, with Jean-Paul Verona, recording engineer.
Anything else...?
You know what, they don't know what Buddhism thinks but GP think there should be no answer where there is no question.

Puding at work
Puding at work 2
Joey as Chuck Berry
Steven, keeping in rhythm
JR Casco, bass
JR: "At last!"
Tandang Soria remembers the '70s
band logo care of Reygo Batiquin
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