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play hi-fi  if i needed someone
play hi-fi  got to get you into my life w peter g on vocals
play hi-fi  jerry lee
play hi-fi  lets spend the night together
play hi-fi  and i love her
play hi-fi  if i fell
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play hi-fi  carpe diem symphony
play hi-fi  space guitar blues
I love heavy, melodic rock, but sometimes venture into other genres like R&B, jazz, and since moving to Nashville, tried writing some country. The current songlist offers a wide variety of up tempo, ballads, and a lot of instrumentals. I always enjoy feedback, so please leave a message on the board if you stop by.
Why this name?
I used to be involved with the stock market, and have always been involved with rock music. The "W" in stockwrock pays homage to Woodstock '69.
Do you play live?
Mostly just recording in the studio these days, although occasionally jam with other bands in town (Nashville).
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's great to have the opportunity to have your music heard, and thanks to Soundclick, I have received messages from musical brothers and sisters all around the world.
Band History:
I started playing sax at age 8, and taught myself to play guitar at 15, playing it upside down and backwards (lefty, with the high-E string on top). The first electric guitar I ever played was a gift from Jimi Hendrix (a friend of my sister's). Growing up in northern New Jersey, I got to see a lot of concerts in NYC at the Fillmore East, in Central Park, and got to go to the infamous Woodstock Festival in '69. (The summer of '69, those were the best days of my life.) Now I have settled in Nashville and enjoy the milder winters, and tons of music all around, and not just country music, either.
Favorite spot?
Turks & Caicos
Equipment used:
Steinberger Spirit Pro, Fender Strat (lefty body, restrung righty, like the one I've seen Doyle Bramhall II play), Simon & Patrick acoustic guitar, Yamaha bass, Yamaha tenor sax, Casio keys, Mixcraft 7, Zoom MRS digital multitrack recorder, Behringer C-1 and Shure mics, Sony headphones.
Anything else...?
It is regrettable that so many musicians let their egos get in the way of sharing their musical creative ability with others. It would be great if a lot more people would simply get together and jam for fun, rather than be concerned about how much they are going to get paid.