To make it short:
I was Born in 1974 and it took 35 years until my first album "Visual violet"
was officially released. Now it iss finally available in stores world-wide.
Wow... how long can things last.

I got to say thank you to Eli Weber, Rcdovai(Ricardo Pujol) and Gregor Theelen
from Sonic Flavours who helped me to make this album become real.
Thanks for your great support, guys !
If you like the sounds of the album, then please check
Those guys are responsible for the most brilliant sound patches.
sonic flavours

The album contains 14 songs + the free download of "the manticore?s venom"
and is from now on also available in my soundclick music store

Some more infos:

2005: Sound Illusions - Band Project with Boris Rados
2005: with E.3.G /London - song "black apple"
2006: with Ricardo/Chile-
song "dancer?s delight"

Finished Projects:
2007/2008: Tons of loops & Sequences for Relation records / Berlin

Baby Schulz - Visual Violet Widgets

Musik anh?ren und downloaden bei Musicload

Equipment used:
Reason software, Cakewalk Sonar, Wavelab
Anything else...?
feel free to leave a short comment or feedback on the message board if you like my music.
The Manticor´s venom
Twisted Darkness
Overall Rating
Really Great ! Exciting and courage (thats the way i like)
Nice i like we dont sleep and the last dance keep it up
Wow, deine Sounds klingen ja sehr cool!
Richtig gut gemacht, alles!
Habe deinen link uebrigens auf der Sound-Click page von Chris Huelsbeck entdeckt ;-)
Lg Raimund
very good work! good sound, good mood, good everything!
play hi-fi  commenting Drifting in space
Overall Rating
Augen zu und ab durchs All, tiefe Emotionen mit einem touch dark, wunderschön. Die Percusion line ist sehr gut gewählt und unterstreicht die Spannung im track.Fantastischer Ambient Song der das herz höher schlagen läßt. Top Production.
play hi-fi  commenting Mantra (part 1)
Overall Rating
Sehr schöne Soundwelt mit einem großartigen Sound. Der Aufbau gefällt des songs gefällt mir sehr gut, sehr schöne texturen und gut durchdacht. Wunderschönes Stück zum Chillen und relaxen.
Mr.Schulz, What are you doing at number 32 .You're better than the the rest. Best regards.
Hi.......Baby Schulz.

Thank you for a message!!

great music !!
cool sound !!
keep it up
Hi,Enjoying your music tonight,gotta make my rounds ya know.Havent been here In awhile.I added another of your songs"Surrender"To my Station.Nice to hear you again.Very enjoyable.Take Care...Tom King
Great stuff here, the improvisation has to be the highlight of your work.
Your music oozes CLASS man. Keep it up! Coming back here for more smile :)
Hallo Charsten,

deine gesegneten Hände würde ich gerne mal für meine Songs einsetzen. Schön gemacht !!!

Spiele bis auf Basicgroove alles selbst live ein und habe wenig Ahnung von Elektronik.

Hör mal rein

Gruß Pit
Hey Baby smile :)

Thanks for popping by my soundclick! Keep up the good work buddy! Quality music all the way smile :)
whaz hanin, i like the music
halla back at me on my site and check in on the board

Da du einen deutschen Namen hast , werde ich mein glück versuchen und dir ne deutsche Nachricht schreiben, also ich würd wahnsinnig gerne mit dir was machen , da sind unsere neueren sachen , wenns dir gefällt , dann adde mich bitte bei icq oder msn :

Icq: 284248832
Msn :
love the night on earth track.. very relaxin.
Hi....Baby Schulz
Thank you for making wonderful music listen.
To hear your music again, I will come to here.

Yo what up? Emenent Entertainment is finally back! So please help us get up and running again by checking out our first new beat, “El Dorado” and telling us what you think about it on our message board. Thanks for the support.
Hey man! Thanks for the post, I've been keeping track of most of your songs too on reasonstation...
Good work, keep it up.
Hey Shulzy, your friend here just wishing you well and hope everythings good wink ;)

Hope to speak soon,

All the best,
Just stoppin by to show luv to ya music and page, keep doin you playa, soundin real nice. Get at me. We puttin everything we got into this, vote the top 3 hot.
Ya boy,
Aye mang your beats are hot homie. I voted some of em hot too. Return the favor if you want mang cuz i dun got sum bangen ass beats too mang.
Aight mang stay up

Hey man,
coole sache. gefällt mir was ihr da so macht!! Come and check me out!

Greetz MJK
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