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2009 was the 10th Anniversary of the murder of Tyler Shanabarger! He is not forgotten nor will be. Prevent child abuse and support causes that work on prevention. Also, support cancer charities as well that can cure and prevent cancer in men and women.

The Tyler Shanabarger Memorial Fund is dedicated to preserving the memory of this 6 month old baby through the funds raised by sales of the music or donations that help fight Child Abuse in his name.
Please take time to honor his short life and contribute or at the very least, listen to the song and reflect on what you can do to prevent violence to children and provide a Safe Environment..

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Three Citeis Entertainment LLC is the publishing company for Trov. Contact information is provided on this page.

Music has always been a vital part of the lives of TROV members. Band involvement started in high school and continues to today. In the 1980's, Darcy and Tom Troville co wrote many songs that were recorded and performed by the original TROV band that began in Massachusetts from the retro band " Feedback" .The song," Grandpas and Little Boys" is starting to get national exposure because of the story from which it derived. The song has been played on several tv shows and radio stations in the midwest and New England.The band recorded the song in Londonderry, New Hampshire at West Sound and Video.

Although this song is not typical of what bands are putting out right now, it's melodic orchestration and simple but powerful words tell a story that needs to be presented. The band made a serious decision to do something good and help the family of Robert Parsons in their endeavor to memorialize their deceased infant grandson and do something positive for the public at large. The family transferred their grief into action and the band supported them..
Why this name?
TROV is a derivative of the French name Troville. The full name is Trouville-Su-Mer which means Three Cities by the Sea.The name Trov (with a long sounding O) was an obvious choice.

Do you play live?
The band is primarily a studio band. Tom Troville has his own studio "Let It Be" in Nashua, NH and that is what Trov uses to record its music through 3 Cities. The immediate plans are to record the many remaining songs while continuing to promote charities such as child abuse and cancer research.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It gives unknown groups a easy way to expose themselves and their music to the public. The music business is very difficult to break into, even to get A & R people to listen. The internet is changing this and is creating breaks where before there were none to deserving groups. It has a positive affect on the ability to advocate the child abuse fund known as The Tyler Fund by allowing many thousands access to charitable causes which try to reach people through music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We would sign with a label that sees potential in our music and would be interested in advocating major causes and take a chance on this song. Having been played on national tv shows such as Inside Edition, Larry King Live, Montel Williams, etc. and many national radio shows and stations as well, has helped push the song along nationally with thousands of dollars being raised for The Tyler Fund. Orders come in from every state and we are pleased with what we have done short of signing. Hopefully, when we do sign, we can continue to do much good for kids in this country enduring abuse and for people suffering with cancer.
Band History:
Started off in the 80's as Feedback, a retro band with some originals. It than evolved to Trov where many studio musicians and singers were brought together to perform and record original music written by Darcy and Tom Troville in the Boston area. It went into a hiatus for most of the 90's and came back to life when asked to perform and record Grandpas and Little Boys" as a tribute to Tyler Shanabarger and fund raiser for child abuse causes. Tyler's grandfather, Robert Parsons, and friend of Darcy Troville, wrote a poem for Tyler's funeral. Darcy than composed music for it and edited and shortened the poem for a song format. Darcy added a bridge and built a basic concept and arrangement. He than contacted his brother Tom who played in the original TROV band and asked him if he wanted to do music again and work on a song with meaning. Tom no sooner hung up when he turned on his home studio equipment and went to work with his son Tommy on the orchestration and arrangement for the body music of the song. Being a thousand miles apart proved difficult , so Darcy returned east to reunite with his brother and record the song along with Tommy.
Your influences?
Although "Grandpas and Little Boys" is in a genre by itself, TROV is influenced by strong rythmns, soft arrangments, vocal harmony and strong story lines. From the Beatles, James Taylor, Cosby Stills and Nash, Eagles, Cars, Police, Eric Clapton, newer groups and many others in this genre, came the influence for TROV.
Favorite spot?
Vermont especially Burlington and the Green Mountains. Small, rural, extremely beautiful and peaceful except for the politics and special interest groups and others from outside the state that have made life miserable for the locals. . TAKE BACK VERMONT!!
Equipment used:
All digital up to date. Cordless guitars etc.
Anything else...?
The band and their music reflects real life issues without being " in your face". Sensitive love messages, real life pain or joy issues and hope in life are what this band is about. The money gained from sales of the song has been used to erect a children's park in Greenwood, Indiana called Freedom Park and is the only park in Indiana that is designed for handicaped kids. There are some swings and rides made for wheelchairs which allow a child to
swing and enjoy this park. Buy this cd and allow us to continue to help kids with all kinds of needs. From abuse to disability the money benefits them.
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