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Scott Styles
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play hi-fi  End of the End
play hi-fi  Don't Come Here
play hi-fi  River Runs Dry
play hi-fi  NOODLE SOUP
play hi-fi  As The Dream Ends
play hi-fi  NEED A FRIEND (demo)
play hi-fi  OLDFRIEND
play hi-fi  Oblivion
play hi-fi  Rockin' in July
play hi-fi  Christmas Blues
Welcome visitors, I'm a songwriter/musician offering music to the world. Every song here is an originally written, and produced song of mine. There are no cover songs here; that's for sure. Please leave a message in the message board. Or vote when you listen to let me know what you think. Enjoy my offerings.
Why this name?
it seems to fit.
Do you play live?
no, I haven't in many years.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet allows bands, singers, songwriters and artists a way to express themselves and expose their talents to others, which otherwise wouldn't be possible without extensive touring and marketing etc.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
depends on the deal. I would definitely sign a good songwriting deal if one came along.
Band History:
I've been recording my songs since 2003, but have been involved someway or another in music for several years.
Your influences?
The Beatles, Tragically Hip, Little Feat, Muddy Waters, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, Steve Earle, The Stones, hell I'm easily influenced, so I'd have to say just about anything I listen to influences me in one way or another.
Favorite spot?
with friends in the old hometown
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