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Ramon Mendigorri
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play hi-fi  Anton Pirulero
play hi-fi  Una gota de esperanza
play hi-fi  Para siempre (Forever)
play hi-fi  Tintilar
play hi-fi  Meetings (Demo)
play hi-fi  Sin Palabras
play hi-fi  MONSUL (Demo)
play hi-fi  Frenessi
play hi-fi  Alcazar
play hi-fi  CAN-NON
Allianza is basically a soloist project of a musician that honestly confesses his influences from classics like Pink Floyd, Supertramp and, specially, Mike Oldfield. His music is fed with those refernces, mainly the latter, offering sophisticated, elaborated and nice music. Basically instrumental. His first work can be downloaded from his web site
Your influences?
Mike oldfield, Enya
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