David James
NEWS   David's new song (duet) (co-written with SoundClick's own Ron Silverlight is Heaven Help Both of Us. Enjoy!
East Coast
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David James is a songwriter who has unpublished, copyrighted songs that he is actively "pitching" to music publishers and established singers.

David is a retired Navy Veteran, and resides in Chesapeake, Virginia.

David's song Heaven Help Both of Us is a duet, and a collaboration between David and SoundClick's own Ronald Silverlight.

David's song, It's My Life, is a collaboration between David and SoundClick's own DeAnn Sanders from Hammond, Indiana.

In May, 2005 David's song "I Want You" was released throughout the U.S. on the Makeastar.com Compilation CD, Vol. 4.

David's song, The Auctioneer's Waltz, is a collaboration between David and Rick Bailey from Norfolk, Virginia.

David's song, What Can I Say, is a collaboration between David and Pamela Davidson from Kentucky.

4/27/04: David's song "I Want You" became Champion in the world-wide song contest called Makeastar.com.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has really revolutionized the industry. People are tired of paying high prices for a music cd with only a couple of good songs.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
David was born in Marin County, California, but spent most of his years around the Sacramento Area (Auburn). As a musician he played the guitar and hammered dulcimer. He had been the lead vocalist for a couple of bands during his early life. During his early adult life he could be found performing at outdoor cafes and local lounges on weekends.

Member Songwriters Guild of America, BMI

Your influences?
The Eagles, Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond.
Favorite spot?
Lake Tahoe
Anything else...?
David's songs, Heaven Help Both of Us, It's My Life, The Auctioneer's Waltz, What Can I Say, and Hank on the Radio were all produced by Lee Gibson, Hot Skillet Music, Nashville.

David's songs Take You Home, I Want You, Life's Story and Time Has Come were produced in the Country genre by Song Cellar Productions, Jackie Cook Producer (was Roy Orbison's guitar player), Nashville.

Vocals - Tim Buppert Pedal Steel Guitar - Mike Daly Piano - Jim Kirby Acoustic & Electric Guitars - John Kearns Drums - Steve Holland Bass Guitar - Dave Francis Fiddle - Tom Lorsch

David's song, A Simple Way of Life, is a collaboration with Pamela Davidson from Lancaster, Kentucky. The song was produced by Dave Scarboro of Eastcraft Productions, Vass, NC. Dave also performed the vocals and all instruments.

Pop/Rock Genre

Four of his songs, "I Want You", "Time Has Come", "Take You Home" and "Life's Story have been re-produced by professionals within the last year. Time Has Come and Life's Story were produced and performed by Thomas Payne (le Droid), and Take You Home was produced by Dan Marfisi, who has done production for The Turtles, Mandy Moore, Backstreet Boys, X-Files, and Betsy's Wedding. Vocals for Take You Home were performed by Meggan Waltman. I Want You was produced and performed by Ted Tomiuk. (Featuring his fantastic guitar playing).

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