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Los Hijos De Su Madre
NEWS   Los Hijos De Su Madre will have changes in the next months
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Los Hijos De Su Madre is a punk badn from Guatemala... We call our music style as "porno punk" and our bigest influences are: The Misfits, Dos Minutos, The Ramones, Black Flag, Bad Religion, The Clash, Nirvana, Samhain, D.R.I., Propagandhi, etc... "Punk Ass 'till We Die!!!"
Why this name?
We were jokeing around, our band name was created by our bass player "El Chino", and it was just for fun...
Do you play live?
Yes we play live everytime we can in some local bars in Guatemala City, in friends houses, etc... Of course we like to play live, and every time we play live is an especial moment..
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It helps to independent bands, like us, to promote good music, and to reach people around the world.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hmmmm we have to think about it for a while.
Band History:
The History of Los Hijos De Su Madre, begins at the end of 1995. Their creators are Viktor Arroyo and Karlos González. It is conceived as a PUNK band that is influenced by groups like: Nirvana, The Misfits, The Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Who, Green Day, Billy Idol, Bad Religion, Dos Minutos. There are also influences by other groups like: Sepultura, Black Sabbath, Flippers, Melvins, etc.....

In the beginning, the band was called “Tourette's” based on the name of a Nirvana song. They were two members, those already mentioned previously. They played Nirvana covers, and other grunge and punk bands. Then we began to work in something original, and the band was called Blunt. Karlos González leaves the group, and with some school friends (Pedro, Gustavo, Ramsés, Chelón, Víktor) we continued the project. There were five members, but we never took the band as something serious. Some songs were made, but they were only on the paper. In 1997 we took the group more seriously, but certain problems caused the rupture of Blunt. The project is recaptured at the end of that year, and Karlos returns. The band takes the name of Hashish. In January of the 98, on Wednesday January 7, approximately at 11am o'clock, in a fast food restaurant and facing of a handful of asses (girls with a nice ass), the group is baptized as Los Hijos De Su Madre. The project begins to take form, several songs are written, but we never did anything serious. An acoustic demo is recorded, it contains 5 songs. At the present time two survive. In 1999, the group is left aside by some months, and in August we begin to write several songs. The year 2000 began with an accumulated of ten songs, and another demo is recorded, already complete, but with the disadvantage of not having a drum player. In April of that year Karlos González leaves the band again. In October Willam Argüello came to play drums in Los Hijos . With the new members, it was possible to give form to the written songs, and other new ones appear. A demo is recorded with four songs: "Aquí Te Va", "La Mara Marihuana", "Octavo De Guaro" and "Hate". In this demo, Richard Madrid, participated with us in the recording sessions of the demo. The demo didn't have a good sound, but at least the group sounded like it had to do it. Richard, continued for a while and we made small concerts in houses and garages of our friends. In the year 2001, Karlos González returns. We began to elaborate the project of a demo, with the songs that we already had finished and including some covers. That's how it was born “¿Nos Hemos Vuelto Más Morales?”, which contains 15 songs. The sound of this demo is not the best, but between so much adversity and limitations we made an effort. During the recordings we had several problems with William, the drum player, because he hardly ever was in the recording sessions. In their place, Viktor Arroyo, guitarist and vocalist, was the one in charge of recording the drums in thirteen songs, while one was recorded by William, and the remaining one is acoustic.

The demo was finished in October of 2001, and it was published in cassette. The distribution was among friends, and people in concerts. Definitively, William wasn’t de drum player by that time, in substitution it arrived, temporarily, Victor Callejas, drum player of ExtraXLarge. We decided to re record some songs, and to record others that had stayed in the inkwell, besides some new ones, and already with more and improved resources, the sound overcame the previous one. The recording sessions were made in the month of December of 2001. The production was published in January of the 2002, containing 8 songs, Its name is "Obertura En DO Mayor Para Cualquier Pendejo". At the end of the month of February 2002, Victor Callejas leaves Los Hijos De Su Madre, to give his band a bigger priority, ExtraXLarge. In March, the compiled "The Punk Ass Records Crew", is published. This is a compilation, and we participated with Fukk The Goat. In this compilation all the songs of our EP ("Obertura En DO Mayor Para Cualquier Pendejo") are included, and three more that we recorded at the end of January and in February: "I Hate It", "F*** It", and "One F***ing Song About Love". In this same month Karlos Pineda join the band as a second guitarist. The second week of April the cd "Y Vos, ¿Qué Putas?" comes out, which is a bunch of songs of our demo from 1998, ¿Nos Hemos Vuelto Más Morales?, Obertura En DO Mayor Para Cualquier Pendejo and of The Punk Ass Redcords Crew. Two songs were also recorded in March and first days of April, in versions elaborated with virtual rhythm box. In That same month, April, Mako Arenas ends up being part of Los Hijos De Su Madre who occupies the drum player position , we really needed one during the whole history of the group. Later on, we played in the Hardcore / Punk Festival, and in a metal show in Tzijolaj. From June to October of the 2002, more songs were created, We recorded demos for four of these songs, besides new versions of Aquí Te Va, La Mamada and Me Pela LaVerga, as well as a cover of Nirvana and Misfits. Most of these recordings have not been diffused and we don’t plan to make it. From those days, untill this day, Los Hijos De Su Madre have been playing in shows with friends, and all the guatemalan punk crew.

In the year 2003, between shows and problems, we recorded our last album, F***ing Mamaitas. The recordins ended by June and the album was out (at last) on August 2003. Actually we are from show to show, where ever we can play, trying to reach to new listeners, experimenting with our sound, and having Luzia’s collaboration in our concerts and we play come Distillers’ covers. We’re planning to record a new album, with new songs that have been coming out this months, songs like “Coño”, “Wishful Thinking”, “I’m here”, “Another Song”, “Endless, Painful”, “Blue”, “Sexy Girl”, some new covers, and new versions of some of our old songs like: “De Politicos”, “PxUxTxA”, “La Mamadaska”, “F***ing Mamaitas”, etc. Keep posted...
Your influences?
All the punk music... especially: The Misfits, Dos Minutos, The Ramones, Black Flag, Bad Religion, The Clash, Nirvana, Samhain, D.R.I., Propagandhi, etc..
Favorite spot?
The stage, wherever that is..
Anything else...?
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