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Knock A Beat Recording Lab
NEWS   Knock A Beat Recording Lab is responsible for creating some of the most comprehensive and competitive beats in the music industry. The label commonly known for "Music In The Streets" or the phrase "Just Knock 1"
is quickly becoming a known source worldwide for a variety of well diverse instrumentals and full songs. Professionals have described it as: "It's the music you would love to sing your song to" chances are you may have heard or come across the KABRL 3000 brand through your web-browsers or search engines and just simply enjoyed the sound.
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play hi-fi  Dance Famous Song
play hi-fi  Runway Universe Song
play hi-fi  No Hic-Ups In The Club Song
play hi-fi  Exotic Secret Groove Song
play hi-fi  All We Came To Do Is Song
play hi-fi  Going Left On Them Song
play hi-fi  Dynasty Of A Master Mind Song_0
Runway Universe
Going Left On Them
I Want To See You Twerk {{ I }}
All We Came To Do Is {{ Song}}
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