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The Coma Lilies

Self Titled CD is available at local record record stores. (Last Record Store, Incredible Records, Homeblown Glass, and Backdoor Disc And Tape) Also, you can buy our cd online at or on

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play hi-fi  Grab A Fork Micron
play hi-fi  Peggy Sue
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Michael Spector: Guitar/Keyboards
Hunter Ellis:Guitar
Gabe Katz:Drums
Asher Katz: Keyboards
Brian Kincaid: Bass


Why this name?
It chose us.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Well, since most of us would probably give you head for $1000, I guess the answer is 'yes'.
Band History:
"Men must be discarded when they are no longer useful, alienators are made to be broken, any method is justified if it helps to achieve the ultimate goal and, ideas have no existence under the chariot of power."-Joseph Stalin
Your influences?
Aphex Twin, Mike Patton, Radiohead, DJ Shadow, The Pixies, The Smashing Pumpkins, Mum, Bjork, Bob Dylan, Tool, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Lagwagon, NOFX, Dead Kennedy's, The Melvins, Nine Inch Nails, Squarepusher, Autechre, Chris Clark, Secret Chiefs 3, Tom Waits, Combustible Edison, Tin Hat Trio, Plaid, Portishead, The Mars Volta, Elliott Smith, Ween, John Zorn, Robert Johnson, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Dr. Dre, Archeopteryx, A Perfect Circle, Girls In Suede, Leonard Cohen, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Nina Simone, Sly and the Family Stone, Little Cat, Bootsy Collins, Otis Redding, Sarah Vaughn, Paul Simon, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Charlie Patton, Ice Cube, Astrobotnia, NWA, Prince, Ray Charles, Laurie Anderson, The Velvet Underground(+ Niko), Trevor Dunn, Skeleton Key, Charlie Parker, M.I.R.V., Beethoven, Debussy, King Crimson, Chopin, Propaghandi, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Neil Young, Black Sabbath, Dio, Golden Earring, Mu-ziq, Queen, Aceyalone, Del the Funky Homosapien, Kool Keith, The Vandals, Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Dan the Automator, John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Muddy Waters, Hubert Sumlin, Danny Elfman.
Equipment used:
An Ass-Kicking, Butt-Wailing Les Paul, A Face-Bursting, Muscle-Mashing G&L Telecaster, A Stomach-Pumping, Hair-Pulling Music Man Bass, An Ultra Mega Super Awesome Mondo Korg MS2000, and a drum set w/detatchable drummer.
Anything else...?
The Coma Lilies Show History:
03-21-2003 SRHS Battle of the Bands, Santa Rosa CA
04-18-2003 The Phoenix Theatre, Petaluma CA
05-11-2003 The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco CA
06-20-2003 Sophia Hall, Santa Rosa, CA
08-15-2003 The Shop, Sonoma, CA
08-16-2003 Clo's Bar and Grill, Santa Rosa CA
09-27-2003 The Phoenix Theatre, Petaluma CA
10-03-2003 Clo's Bar and Grill, Santa Rosa CA
11-21-2003 Clo's Bar and Grill, Santa Rosa CA
01-16-2004 Clo's Bar and Grill, Santa Rosa CA
02-20-2004 Clo's Bar and Grill, Santa Rosa CA
03-26-2004 Sebastopol Community Center (Nonesuch School Benefit), Sebastopol CA
04-11-2004 The Jumping Turtle, San Marcos CA
04-12-2004 The Anthill Pub (UC Irvine), Irvine CA
04-14-2004 Cafe Club Fais Do Do, Los Angeles, CA
04-16-2004 Pitzer College, Claremont, CA
04-17-2004 Gordon’s, Santa Barbara, CA
04-29-2004 Cafe Club Fais Do Do, Los Angeles CA
05-27-2004 Clo's Bar and Grill, Santa Rosa CA
05-28-2004 Salmon Creek Watershed Benefit, Occidental, CA
06-19-2004 Sophia Hall, Santa Rosa CA
08-27-2004 Clo's Bar and Grill, Santa Rosa, CA
09-15-2004 Sabala’s at Mt. Tabor, Portland, OR
09-16-2004 Reed College, Portland, OR
09-17-2004 Lewis and Clark, Portland, OR
10-01-2004 Clo's Bar and Grill, Santa Rosa, CA
10-02-2004 Edinburgh Castle, San Francisco, CA
11-04-2004 Sebastopol Community Center (Skatepark Benefit), Sebastopol, CA
11-13-2004 Sweet Lou’s, Cotati, CA
12-04-2004 Sweet Lou’s, Cotati, CA
12-23-2004 Sweet Lou’s, Cotati, CA
01-21-2005 Clo's Bar and Grill, Santa Rosa, CA
01-30-2005 Sweet Lou’s, Cotati, CA
02-17-2005 The Barn, Santa Cruz, CA
02-18-2005 The Kibitz Room, Los Angeles, CA
02-24-2005 Fais Do Do, Los Angeles, CA
02-25-2005 Gordon’s, Santa Barbara, CA
02-26-2005 Pitzer College, Claremont, CA
03-11-2005 Nonesuch School Benefit, Clo's Parkside Grill, Santa Rosa, CA
03-31-2005 No Draft Protest, Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa, CA
04-30-2005 The Shop, Sonoma, CA
05-06-2005 San Rafael Community Center, San Rafael, CA
05-28-2005 House Party, Santa Cruz, CA
06-12-2005 Harmony Festival, Santa Rosa, CA

These are detailed writing credits from The Coma Lilies Self Titled CD, released in March of 2004.

Grab A Fork Micron

Keyboards: AK + MS
Guitars: MS + he
Bass: MS + CV
Drums: GK
Arranged by The Coma Lilies

Have Fun At Your War

Keyboards: AK + ms
Guitars: MS + gk + he
Bass: CV + MS
Drums: GK
Arranged by MS and GK

My First Big Sale

All: GK

Peggy Sue

Keyboards: AK + MS
Guitars: MS + he
Bass: MS
Drums: GK
String Arrangements: MS + CV + GK + HE
Arranged by MS

One Day He Will Disappear
Keyboards: MS + AK
Guitars: MS + he
Bass: MS + cv
Drums: GK
Violin: Owen Sutter
Arranged by MS

The Antibody
Keyboards: HE +MS
Vocal sample used without permission from Brain Dead.

I Am Spartacus, Part One
Keyboards: AK
Guitars: MS + GK
Bass: HE + CV
Arranged by: GK + MS

I Am Spartacus, Part Two
Keyboards: AK
Guitars: MS + HE + GK
Bass: CV + GK
Drums: GK
Arranged by The Coma Lilies

All: MS

Large initials denote major contribution. Small initials denote lesser contribution. The order of the initials has signifigance (sometimes more, sometimes less).

MS=Michael Spector
GK=Gabriel Katz
CV=Chris Votek
AK=Asher Katz
HE=Hunter Ellis
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