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Thom Brennan
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Caddalak Beat Gang
Bad Vibes
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play hi-fi  Stories from the Forest - Part 1
play hi-fi  The Forest - Part 8
play hi-fi  The Forest - Pt. 1- prerelease ver.
play hi-fi  Horizon
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Inspired by the landscapes of the American Pacific Northwest, Thom Brennans' self produced albums have defined a unique style of soundpainting ... A colorful and private world of harmonic tapestries.

In addition to an ongoing series of solo recordings, collaborations with ambient pioneer Steve Roach appeared on the album "Western Spaces", and on the Projekt Records compilation "Amplexus Collective".

Recordings have appeared worldwide on Rubicon Records, Phonogram, Amplexus / Arya, IC Records, Projekt, Space For Music, Atmoworks, Fortuna / Celestial Harmonies, and his own Raingarden Soundworks.

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Band History:
Discography: Mountains / The Path Not Taken (ep) / Beneath Clouds / Mist / Strange Paradise / Shimmer / Vibrant Water / Satori / Signals in Moonlight / Silver / Stories from the Forest

Other Projects-
"The Amplexus Collection"(w/ Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, on Projekt Records) Western Spaces (w/Steve Roach).

"Western Spaces" (w/Steve Roach, Fortuna Records)
Favorite spot?
Orcas Island
Equipment used:
Synthesizers and Generated Loops
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