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NEWS   Welcome to the Soundclick page of Psicodreamics. Our music is inspired by beautiful and misterious stories of fantasy and mythology full of sentiments and emotions. You are invited to listen our music and watch our videos. Feel free to share our music with your family and friends, sure they will enjoy discovering us.

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THE GARDEN (2000) -


Into the Darkness (single)
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Psicodreamics is the music project of Spanish musician Salva Moreno that reveals his unique magic, a mysterious and idyllic world of original visual and musical art. Since he began composing in 1990, Psicodreamics has composed several albums and singles, been compared with relevant new age - ambient musicians like Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Enigma and Jean Michel Jarre among others. Although his music is usually inspired by fantasy tales, mythology and legends, Salva defines his music as an instrument designed to awaken the deepest emotions and intimate feelings of the listener. But his creativity goes beyond that. Each album of Psicodreamics is a vibrant trip, visiting imaginary and fantastic scenes beyond time, space and knowledge. You can listen several demomixes of his albums and singles here. The music of Psicodreamics is just avalable from his official website or from iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Napster and Rhapsody among others.
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"Psicodreamics continues to hone his talent and skills in composing and performing new age electronic music" - Bill Binkelman (Wind and Wire e-zine, USA)

"This artist is a little great jewel into EM, don't lose his music!" - Stefania Carezzoli (21st Century Music magazine, ITALY)

"Psicodreamics is a wonderful and unique musical surprise" - Archie Paterson (Eurock Catalog, USA)

"Highly recommended to those who seek something more on the line of current New Instrumental Music" - Hector Jordan (Amazing Sounds e-zine, SPAIN)

"A dreaminess governs this music, delivering the listener from the real world to a realm where unreality coexists with substance" - Matt Howarth (Sonic Curiosity, UK)

"Psicodreamics walks a delicate balancing act between brisk ambient techno and lush symphonic new age" - Allen Welty-Green (Ambient Visions e-zine, USA)

“Your music is divine, you must have certainly been touched by a Muse" - Nick Gangadis (a fan and customer from UK)

“You really have a talent for writing unique songs that are very enjoyable to listen to.” - Paul Hokanson (a fan and a customer from USA)

“It is truly the best music (captivating & enjoyable) I have ever heard.” - Rob Ewing (A fan and a customer from Seattle,USA)
Into the Darkness (cd)
Christmas Sampler 2010
Lost Frontier Christmas Sampler 2009
Christmas Sampler 2010
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