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Fascinating Rise
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Iranian women Iranian men
Flying Sailing Driving Home
Shoulder to shoulder hand in hand
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Welcome to Minuvash Solar Films to get the first hand news about the changes in Iran going through, the Winds of Change arriving and preparing Iran for change, to re-establish the law and justice.

Fascinating Rise celebrates the true friendship of Rumi and Shirazi. Fascinating Rise features the songs of the Masters of Self-Healing and Self- Development from East and West, from the great Jalaluddin Molavi Rumi and Hafez~a~Shirazi to Walt Whitman, from Attar and Babaa Taher to Goethe. The songs are performed in Parsi and English.

Fascinating Rise is the Rise of Fresh Air Interactive and the Rumi Self-Healing Voice University on the Internet. The artists are involved in study, writing and composing, public performance and video making and broadcasting.

Fascinating Rise presents their audio-visual adventures in rich media. To view some of their films you are welcome to the film section of

Fresh Air Interactive presents and promotes 21st century technologies as available solutions to the Air, Water, Soil and Sound pollutions. Solar and wind energy, sustainable Ceramic architecture and Lighter Than Air transportation and habitation are presented in music and musical films.
Why this name?
To observe my nation with a Fascinating Rise
Do you play live?
Fascinating Rise has performed on three continents. We play live on stage and in our webcasts on the Internet. We are interested to uplift your special occassion with our live presentation.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Internet enhances communication between people on all levels.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Once they show clear peaceful intentions we gladly consider the offer.
Band History:
"...For the Wavy Alphabet of Parsi has been Discovered as Mind soothing with Smooth Optical Effect on the Eyes, Simply Pleasant to the Ear, Warm, Good feeling to the Heart. This Book is the Best Present to Seekers of all Nations, Climbers of Higher Elevation..."

Inspired by the treasury of Farsi literature Fascinating Rise presents the Pearls from East and West musically and inspirationally. Since the initial founding of Fresh Air Interactive end '96, Fascinating Rise has performed in Europe, Asia and America on radio, TV and live on stage. At the moment Fascinating Rise is active in live webcasting their inspirational show over the Internet.

Enjoy the Healing Voice live at
Your influences?
Fascinating Rise incorporates many different music styles in their performance, from electronic to rock, from ambient to modern classical. The music of Fascinating Rise is first and foremost vocal music.

Rumi, Hafez, Siavash Ghomayshi, Michael Jackson, Googoosh, Ebi, Coleman Barks, Shahriar Shahriari, Farah, Reza and Farahnaaz Pahlavi and Yaasamin, Noor and Iman Pahlavi
Favorite spot?
Iran Klardasht Persia
Equipment used:
Flute, Classical Guitar, percussion, Piano, Roland E-16 Intelligent Synthesizer, Atari Q base, Rode NT1 Microphones, Behringer Mixer, JVC GR-DV2000 DV-cam, TEAC A-3340S 4 track sound recorder
Anything else...?

There is a song in Deutsch language that says people in Europe have not discovered the Sweet lemon of Bam.

To save Pasargad I suggest that we use Solar Tower from Germany, Dank off Solar Water pump from Italy, Solar Ice and Hot water maker "SolKav" from Austria in Iran.

King Mohamad Reza Pahlavi invited Prime-minister Bakhtiar to manage Iran when he had to heal himself by traveling abroad. To see where Bakhtiar was coming from I invite you to watch the Documentary "Grass" that shows how the Bakhtiari tribe of Iran migrated in 1925. Grass

Merian C. Cooper And Ernest B. Schoedsack the makers of the King Kong traveled to Iran and filmed this master piece that shows how Iranian people move on land, climb mountain of snow and ice, and how they crossed half a mile wide Karun River with Inflated goat skin Rafts. A must see for all Iranian young people of present time and people of the world who wonder
"Who are Iranian people truly".

Grass, A nation's Battle For Life
Selected for the Library of Congress National Film Registry

I saw Grass on a DVD a few days ago for the second time in Europe and I hope you make time to have your share of it.

Minuvash O Neek

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