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What's Good! I am Rokk-I La' VON. I'm a Spoken Word/Smooth Jazz artist. I've always wanted to do my own album, but My goal was to find a genra that was not to congested. I want the world to listen to and absorb my vision of music. With the combination of Spoken Word (poetry) and Smooth Jazz, my music is EXCELLENT for any Romantic setting! My poetry/music tends to gravitate to the sexual/romantic side! Everything that I write and every beat that I make all.....seems to be related to sex, Love, Makin' Love or Intimate. Also, just to be clear! I WRITE ALL OF MY WORDS! I PRODUCE ALL OF MY BEATS! I ARRANGE ALL OF MY SONGS!
Why this name?
Rokk-I is a name that was given to me when I was 15 years old! (Big.....Rocky Balboa fan!) and La' VON is my real middle name. So I choose to combine the two.
Do you play live?
YES! I do! I have done private parties and some social gatherings! I am planing my first live show around the time my album "DEEP N YOU" drops in July 2010. It's a must that you catch me live. Listening to my poems on stage with my music playin in the background is a romantic and intimate evening! I really love to give the audience there money's worth! SO BOOK ME NOW!!!! One day soon I just might be to busy to do your event! Now is your chance!!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes it does! Now the artist has all the power to promote, market and sell his or her music to the world. No need for record companies or record stores. No middle man taking 80% of the artist's money or royalties. Now the artist can pocket over 70% of their money for their hard work!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
HELL NO!!! I own my own label La' VON RECORDZ. Why would I want to cut into my profits?
Band History:
I am a former French Horn player in my Jr. High and High School bands. I have always love music and writing poetry. I have written several songs from R&B to Hip-Hop to gospel for a few artists and now it's my turn to get my feet wet. Spoken Word is so erotic and sexy! I just want to do my part and introduce my music to the bedrooms of couples around the world!
Your influences?
DAMN!!!! I love....Grover Washington, Jr., Norman Brown, Wayman Tisdel(R.I.P.!), Brian McKnight, Michael Jackson(R.I.P.!), New Edition, DJ QUIK, Teddy Riley, Prince, The Time, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Link, Silk DAMN.......did I miss anyone?
Favorite spot?
Washington DC.! I haven't played there yet but Damnit! I will! and soon! I also would love to do a show in Amsterdamn.
Equipment used:
MAGIX Music Maker Deluxe (Music Program) to make my music, record, edit and master. I do ALL of my work on my COMPAC Presario CQ60 (16:9 in screen) laptop. Hey! If anyone from these two companies is reading this......"I could use the sponsorship!" Lol!
Anything else...?
I basically want the entire world to FEEL, ENJOY and GRAVITATE to my Spoken Word/Smooth Jazz music! I want my music to move you! I am available for bookings. So contact me A.S.A.P.! "Bring Rokk-I La' VON to your city!"( Also and most important! My singles are ON SALE in My Store for ONLY ($.99cents). Purchase and Download them NOW! You won't be dissappointed!!!!
New Album Cover 2/8/11
Album Info and Credits (2/8/11)
(aka) Mr. JackHamma (poster)
aJeanette (Spoken Word Artist)
Mr. B.I. (rapper)
La' VON RECORDZ (2011) New Logo
ANISE (R&B/Hip-Hop) singer "Comin' Soon!"
Rokk-I La' VON (debut album: Deep N You)
Rokk-I La' VON (Spoken Word/Smooth Jazz) artist
"Bring Rokk-I La' VON To Your City!"
"JackHamma" By: Rokk-I La' VON
Bring Rokk-I La' VON To Your City!
Rokk-I La' VON can/will make you....CUM!
Spoken Word/Smooth Jazz Artist
(aka) Mr. JackHamma
"Mr. JackHamma" Read my poem JackHamma!
My poster pic for my forth comin' album
Calitha (R&B/Soul) Singer
La' VON RECORDZ (2010) logo
Rokk-I La' VON About to put in some WORK!
Close Your Eyez.....And CUM (album cover)
Album Cover (credits)
Close You Eyez.....And CUM (On Sale NOW!)
still Professional Even with a FRO!
La' VON RECORDZ (My Record Label!)
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