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Taking a Peavey VTM 60 for a test drive.
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Got done tinkering with a Peavey VTM 60 and ended up with a beautiful sounding amp.

Invasion from Planet K

"Not since the likes of a young Edward Van Halen and wired era Jeff Beck, has there been more explosive guitar playing. Without a doubt, Kevin Schafer and his Invasion from Planet K mates are the "70s heavy" real deal!”

The loose and ragged 70s are without a doubt one of my biggest influences. You had Evel Knievel jumping canyons, you had Muhammed Ali whoopin ass and you had the best rock, funk and fusion going on. It was the style of this time that made music so colorful and explosive. As a guitarist, artists like Jeff Beck, Robin Trower, Alan Holdsworth, Eddie Van Halen, inspired me to get playing in the first place. I really miss the era of great guitar rock. That 70s flavor has inspired me to get loud again. Your gonna hear booty quakin grooves, coupled with cop show beats. Mix that with a Marshall cranked to twelve and you got yourself just a bit of sonic love...

6 $$$ TRICK and The 3 BeeZ are a couple new ones to listen to.

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Why this name?
Just had that certain ring to it....
Do you play live?
Invasion From Planet K is gigging several times a month now. Every gig we jump off the cliff. Never play it the same way twice, we are really trying to tap into the early days of rock guitar. Please check out the live tracks I have posted, there are some fantastic moments.... I LOVE IT!!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The beauty is being able to reach so many people that you would never have the opportunity to connect with. Much tougher to be heard without it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
I have got 20 years as a player and have decided to get back to what made me start playing in the first place. This project is an over the top tribute to my favorite era of music. By far the most fun I have had making music since I was in my teens.

Rikki Davenport and his phenominal drumming are featured on all the songs. We are doing this with no real rehearsals, no clicks, we just hit the groove a couple times, tap our toes, and track it. I nod the changes as we are playing. We want to capture a raw natural vibe with this music. If you get lucky you can hit onto some true magical moments. I love being on the edge of the cliff with this stuff.

Your influences?
James Brown, P Funk, Jeff Beck, Miles Davis, Eddie Van Halen, Alan Holdsworth, Robyn Trower and early Prince, are among the bigger ones. The fusion of hard funk and hard rock has long been a source of inspiration to me.
Favorite spot?
A perfect summer day zooming around on the boat is a good start. I gotta be near water.
Equipment used:
Old scruffy and LOUD!
Anything else...?
A huge thanks to Rikki Davenport on drums, his time and generosity has allowed me to do this project. Thank you man!!

Also a huge thanks for the live band!! Peter Gaard, Nate Pate and Will Murphy, they kick that bootay as good as it gets!!
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