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Schumann Beats
Rain (Bryson Tiller Don't Type)
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play hi-fi  AGAINST EVERYTHING (Hip Hop Instrumental Beat
play hi-fi  EVIL WAR - Symphonic Rap Instrumental Beat
play hi-fi  LET'S JUST WORK TOGETHER Orchestral Producer Intro
play hi-fi  HOT ICE | Hip Hop Instrumental Beat
play hi-fi  MEGADANCE - Latin Techno Merengue con Regueton
play hi-fi  FUEGO NIGHT - Techno, Dance, Club Hit Beat
play hi-fi  MUTED FEELING - R&B Instrumental
play hi-fi  TO THINK ABOUT (Hip Hop Instrumental Beat)
play hi-fi  THEY HAVE NEVER DRREAMED - Jazzy Instrumental Beat

Hip Hop beats, Rap Beats, non Profit Beats, Reggaeton Beats, RnB Instrumentals, SoundClick Beats Page

Hip Hop Rap Beats, SoundClick Beats Page, Hip Hop Studio Roland Fantom G8
Welcome to my Official SoundClick Page! Here I share and promote some of my instrumentals or mainly beats. I really appreciate and thank everyone who listen and support my music as I do my best to make beats and instrumentals for everyone to like and find them inspiring. Feel free to browse and listen to my music and contact me with any question or request. I’m very open to collaboration and building relationship with new and established artists. I compose everything from scratch and do not use illegal samples.

I’m a composer, arranger, and producer with more than 10 years of experience. With my studio located in Sarasota, FL, I’m able to produce a wide range of music that goes from a simplistic loop to a complex orchestral composition. I compose and produce all my music from scratch. I DO NOT USE any illegal samples or samples that would require clearance.

Please notice that I do not sell my beats and instrumentals directly from this SoundClick Beats and Instrumental page. If you are interested in my music, please visit my official beat store at Beats-N-More.com or contact me at your convenience. On my Official Beat and Instrumental Store you can find Hip Hop Beats, Rap Beats, Reggaeton Beats, RnB Instrumentals, Non Profit Beats, Free Beats Download and more. I will also incorporate sheet music for applicable instrumentals.

Schumann Beats Productions – About Me

I’m a composer and producer with a strong dedication and professionalism. In the real world, I’m a father with the huge challenge of continuing, expanding, and improving my music carrier while being a single parent. I was born in the Dominican Republic, and it wasn’t until around the age of 15 that I started playing piano. At this point I discovered that music was all I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I started recording and producing artist in my neighborhood that quickly expanded. I later moved to Florida and established my studio to continue to grow. To assign a name to my studio, I selected Schumann Music Works on its beginning on Dominican Republic. Later most of the artist started to give me credits as “Schumann.” It suddenly became my nickname, and today there are many that do not recognize me by my real name Eliezer Rivera. I picked up Schumann after the German composer Robert Schumann.

My Music Production Skills and Range

I can produce a wide range of instrumentals and vocal productions that includes but are not limited to Ambient Music, Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop beats, Rap Beats, Reggaeton Beats, RnB Instrumentals, Pop, Orchestral, Film Scores, and others. As a matter of fact, I’ve been blessed that I’ve been given the opportunity to work on many projects including the above mentioned genres and others.

My studio and Music Production Equipments and Tools

I use a well equipped PC with Cubase 6 and Wave Lab 7. I also use a Steinberg MR816 CSX as my audio interface and other signal processor gears.

I use a Roland Fantom G8 in combination with other VST Instruments that includes EastWest Quantum Leap Orchestral Libraries and others.

The studio was actually a remodeled section of my home to improve physical and acoustic properties for better production results. The control room is separated from the microphone or recording booth.



I understand some of you might be in the starting stage or just need to make a non profit song or project. I make most of my beats and instrumentals available with a NON-PROFIT LEASE that allows you yo make a song to be promoted online in a non profitable basis.

Go to Beats-N-More.com for more info.

To Purchase Beats and Instrumentals please visit my Official Beat Store Beats-N-More.com

Eliezer Rivera aka Schumann Beats SoundClick Beats Page

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