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NEWS   Ashtar is going to play some dates in Europe!

-Saturday, 15 May:
Event: Classic Rock Society
Bands: Ashtar, Karnataka
Venue: Oakwood Leisure Centre, Rotherham, England

-Saturday, May 22:
Event: Festival Prog'Sud 2004
Bands: Fragil, Akineton Retard, Ashtar
Venue: Jas'Rod - Les Pennes-Mirabeau - France

-Saturday, May 29:
Event: Festival Eclipse 2004 - Metal day
Bands: Ashtar, Adagio, Anathema
Venue: Salle Georges Brassens - Lormont - Bordeaux - France
itsthe pie in the sky
every one gets a slice of the pie however you better get yours be for big uncle vinny takes his slice or there will be non left I am 47 balding bedroom artist I play bass guitar and guitar and wrote song and sing it on magix music maker
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Ashtar blends Celtic melodies, progressive folk rock and doom metal with beautiful female vocals.
Lyrics are based on esoteric theories, reincarnations, Irish moods and Scottish glories.
Why this name?
Derived from that of a spiritual entity.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes. It seems to be a good way make our music reach a considerable amount of people while letting us devote ourselves entirely to this activity.
Band History:
The band was founded in early 1997, born from song, a progressive rock instrumental, which would later become "Nemesis". Months later. Ashtar started as a doom metal style with female vocals, later, evolving to Celtic/Folk mixtures. The passion for Scottish and Irish stories and sentiment in Celtic music was added to both music and lyrics.

After many line-up problems, Ashtar became a progressive, Celtic, folk, metal band. Lyrics are based on esoteric theories, reincarnations, Irish moods and Scottish glories.

In the end of 1999, began the long road of recording the debut album "Urantia". It took more than 2 years, but, despite financial, health and musical problems, such as the eternal quest for guests who played the fiddles and bagpipes, the work was completed by the end of 2002.

Through that period, the band stepped more and more into the progressive and folk roots, adding even more of those elements to the album. Finally, the link with Leornardo Nahoum´s label, Rock Symphony, brought the release of the album, with an extra credit to Musea Records, that, in a partnership with Rock Symphony, helped spreading the news worldwide.

Now Ashtar is rehearsing set lists with very special touches, to amuse the prog, metal and Celtic and folk fans in future concerts.
Your influences?
Loreena Mckennitt
Mostly Autumn
Pink Floyd
Fairport Covention
Jethro Tull
The Gathering