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Sporadic Despair
Tell Me
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Lots of love i guess :P
Why this name?
Kinda random i guess
Do you play live?
Not at the time. I used to, but i quit the band
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
You can download songs for free. FREE!!!, just kidding =D

You can look it up on youtube or some sh*** like that, and if you like it, go buy it dumbass =D
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I cannot really tell if i would
Band History:
Yet to be written, brah
Your influences?
Ummm... i listen to a lot of music, i can't tell which is a big influence to me. But i would say Unearth is pretty inspiring. There are a bunch of good artists like, Suicide Silence, Scar Symmetry, Trivium, Chimaira, Periphery, Threat Signal, Limp Bizkit, Stone Sour, Disturbed... and many more.
Favorite spot?
My hometown is pretty lame, but still cool, you know what i'm sayin' bro? XD
Equipment used:
Schecter Diamond Hellraiser C-7
Normal PC to record my shit
Line 6 Products like the UX 1 interface with POD Farm
5 string no-name bass
superior 2.0
cover 2
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