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Black Cat Jazz cafe Band
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play hi-fi  Ensueo (Daydreaming)
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play hi-fi  Even Though
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play hi-fi  Our Dreams Came True
play hi-fi  Ensueno (Daydreaming)
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Welcome to the Black Cat Jazz Cafe Band! This is a virtual jazz cafe and so is the band.
I came from Cuba 28 years ago. Although never formally trained as a musician I played drums and Latin percussion on different bands at different times. Once in the US I only played on a church band, no time to be on the road with a music band, instead I made my living as an engineering tech. Now I'm retired and although I have been dabbing with computer music for awhile now (about eight CD's now on different genres) mainly jazz though, it is now that I have decided to go "public" through this wonderful media and music community.
Why this name?
Not sure, I do like the ambiance of the jazz clubs and jazz musicians has always bee referred as "cats", so I guess that's part of it.
Do you play live?
Not anymore
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I a very big way!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I'm open to whatever, I doubt it dough; there are a lot of deserving talent out there.
Band History:
Not long at all.
Your influences?
Most big bands and straight-ahead jazz musicians.
Favorite spot?
Anywhere where one can enjoy good music.
Equipment used:
For midi recording and/or editing I use a MU Xboard 49 (although I'm not a keyboard player, I have to step record all the time for melodies ans such), loops and single shot samples, and different software for editing, mixing, sequencing and things like that. I also use a Ketron SD2 sound module for midi audio out (wonderful and pretty realistic sounds).
Anything else...?
My heart felt thanks to PG Music software for making this effort possible.
Night At The Black Cat Jazz Cafe
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