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play hi-fi  ready for work- experimental dubstep remix
play hi-fi  rX28 - ready for work - experimental techno remix
A future underground legend, produced by Burning Studios putting out an album that we feel is of critical importance to our times. Bringing together jungle, electronica, drum n bass, hiphop, industrial metal, dub, garage, left-field poetry and verse with a cut-throat delivery and razor-sharp production.
Why this name?
it came to me in a dream
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
it would be consider'd
Band History:
We at rX28 have been working with Burning Studios for over 10 years and without this influence, motivation and spirit- we would not be where we are today. So it is with great honour and excitement that we announce this collaboration.

You may have heard one of his many earlier collaborations with other artists including Seizure, Eclectic Blues Band, Flo, Defazed, Headphobe, Sidewayz and Taradiddle. Check out our portfolio page on for a few teasers.
Your influences?
I have been influence by hiphop and poetical artists such as tricky, spearhead, niccolette, massive attack, saul williams, galliano, 4hero, rakim, sway and tom lehre to mention a few...
Favorite spot?
some where deep in the country side [ with a dirty great PA ]!
KWANTUM FISH - album cover
burning studios logo [inset]
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