NEWS   Family and Friends mourn the passing of 'J.J. Fender-Bender ' aka Jack Vanderbeck, drummer extraordinaire of and brother to, the LHDee Band... October 14. 2014
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Played this song at the Gig in Photo
Cousin Skeeter Jazz Drummer circa 1980
Pre Cell Phones
Young Lightnin
I began playing accordion at 7 .. Trumpet at 9 and sax at 11. First Band was the Epics .. right after the Beatles came out. I played sax like the guy in the Dave clark Five. Then there was the Soul Rockers. We were in a national Battle of the Bands in 1966 or so and came in 2nd . We where very big in CT and recorded along with Aretha and many famous artists in New York at Sound Center Studios. I left the band to go to NYU and began my solo career as a musician on Bleeker St .. The other End / The Bitter End / Folk City and eventually headlined at the Bottom Line courtesy of Meg Griffin - WNEW's Prisoner of Rock Series and a lot of help from Lynn Samuels fro WBAI . By now the LHDee Band was formed with Jack Vanderbeck ( JJ FenderBender ) on Drums, Elliot Baron on Bass and the amazing southern stylings of Fred Galligher on guitar. I played rhythm , sax flute and harp.. At our heyday on TV with Uncle Floyd , we featured the Step Sisters .. Four Very cute Irish sisters who Tap Danced their way into the hearts of our fans. We were together for about 4 years and had one hell of a time and got very far selling thousands 45s of our one relatively big Tri - State Area hit ...." I'm An Alcoholic " .....In the 90s I placed 4th out of 50,000 in the KFC National Country Songwriters Contest and still do some country jingles now and then .. I hope to get back to all this again as the ebb of my years has begun .. ( Did I mention being at Woodstock or getting struck by lightning in 1973 or opening for Phil Oaks at Nixon's impeachment Rally on the Great Lawn in DC .. or opening for VP George Bush in Federal Plaza or headlining at the Pot Parade up 5th Ave in 1976 ? ) OK enough already / I am gettin tired.. see y'all on the other side .
One Day at A Tme Video
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Song about a very Wise Stranger