Thrilli Vanilli
Frogs (Buy 1 Get 2 Free)
East Coast
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play hi-fi  BOHICA IV (United We Stand/Overthrown Empire)
play hi-fi  BOHICA III (Divided We Fall/ReProgram the Program)
play hi-fi  BOHICA II (Snide & Prejudice/Strategic Segregation
play hi-fi  BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Cums Again) GhostDance
play hi-fi  CONCRETE PILLAR of SOCIETY PavedGrave Cement RemiX
play hi-fi  Strawberry Popsicle Fetish Flavored Cunnilingus
play hi-fi  SHE WHO KILLZ (Laughter & Sated Revenge) RemiXxX
play hi-fi  Nurses Orders of Death (Darker Derivative Dose RMX
play hi-fi  Orally Obsessed (Succulent Succubus Remixxx)
play hi-fi  Work That Tongue (Naughtius Cunninglus Maximus RMX
Equipment used:
Celtic Sex Magick, various tools of torture & pleasure, whips, feathers, chains, handcuffs, whipped cream, popsicles ....uuuh oh did you mean music equipment lol, well next time specify!!!
Anything else...?
I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me.
- Hunter S.Thompson
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