FAUST HAIKU III (Faustian Dance Fetish Vid-RmX)
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Mixtress Demonatrix & Wild Bill LeAtHeRfAcE2 Johnson
'The FAUST HAIKU part III (The Show is Ending / Duplicity Killz) (Devilicious Faustian Dance Fetish Derivative Dose video Remix)

lyrics / vocals written & performed by Bill Leatherface2 Johns
The FAUST HAIKU Musick Killaboration feat: Wild Bill LeAtHeRfAcE2 Johnson, aka: Leatherface from Tobe Hoopers Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

 photo 34892af3-4be1-4a2b-b0b7-4bdf71cb78bb_zpscc97b78e.jpg

Welcome My She Devilz & Demonz

FAUST HAIKU part #1 (Faust at the Crossroadz) feat: Wild Bill LeAtHeRfAcE2 Johnson aka Leatherface from Tobe Hoopers TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2. in Killaboration with MIXTRESS DEMONATRIX

FAUST HAIKU II "Tap Dancing with the Reaper" & "Blood Dancing with Fire RemiXxX"

Ladies & Gentlemen, start up your search engines for: Mixtress DemonatriX
& Cum get yours NOW!!! your Mixtress Commands You!

An Instructional Guide on how to Truly Pleasure your Woman!
((The Alternate Edible RemiX))

song performed by: MIXTRESS DEMONATRIX
Naughty Nurse Hatchet & Patrick D-Day MadCoX
Video Artists: Mixtress Mary DeSade AKA Nurse Hatchet

"SHE WHO KILLZ" (Laughter 7 Sated Revenge RMX)
official "Night of the Dolls" soundtrack version!
By Mixtress DemonatriX
Nurse Hatchet & D-day MadCoX

song from our brand spankin' new album:
"Something Wicked This Way CUMS"!!!
Cumming End of Summer 2011 Season of SamHain!

Mary DeSade AKA: Nurse Hatchet
& Patrick (D-day) MadCoX
video artists: DEMONATRIX TrAX & FX

Mixtress DemonatriX - I LIKE IT ON TOP (Checkered Thigh-High Hot Pursuit MiX)

song by: Mixtress Mary DeSade / D-day MadCox / LaggyLuk

WORK THAT TONGUE (Weapon of Mass Seduction) orally possessed derivative RMX
by: Mixtress DemonatriX
Naughty Nurse Hatchet & D-day MadCoX

V-BLOG #69 - Behind the Musick with Mixtress DemonatriX, Nurse Hatchet & D-day MadcoX!
On the CHAINSAW SALLY SHOW Season II SoundtraX

APATHY (ApocalyptriX RemiX)
Tribute to: 1000 HOMO DJ's
performed by: Mixtress DemonatriX
Nurse Hatchet & D-day MadCoX
original lyrics by Alien Jourgensen
& 1000 HOMO DJ's

also featuring:
U THINK UR FREE??? (Ninja Spice Revolt RemiX)
original Lyrics & Vokillz by:
Nurse Hatchet aka MixtriX Mary DeSade

Band History:

how it all began,
formed on october 31 SamHain Halloween 2009 by special gore fx & soundtrax artists:
D-day Madcox & Nurse Hatchet, The MIXTRESS DEMONATRIX is a sister-side project to the ATTACK OF THE VAMPIRATES,
packing a much more Erotic, Horror, Comedy punch to their song context & lyrical subject matter, as well as keeping their hardcore industrial dance punk edge alive,
along with the Vampirates signature brand of psychO Vokalz & FX, and completely Driven by the totally Diverse Music, performed by D-Day MadCoX & Naughty Nurse Hatchet AKA: Mixtress Mary DeSade along with the many truly talented artists & musicians of the ATTACK OF THE VAMPIRATES & MIXTRESS DEMONATRIX Killaborationz, including special Artist Appearances by: Lady Venom, Laggy Luk, Judas Christ, Tragic Twinz, Ninja Spice, Betwixter X, Space Chalky13, & Steven Robert.

the Mixtress Demonatrix along with the Attack of the Vampirates were never just bands,
atleast not in the normal sense.
they have both always been Killaboration projects from the very start, this was the founding idea behing the projects, it would be a way for Nurse Hatchet & D-day Madcox to work with a number of different awesome artists, musicians & bands from their many diverse & favorite music genre such as: industrial, punk, electronica, aggrotech, metal, dance punk!
and after creating a number of chart topping Killaboration Hitz, the DEMONATRIX is now focussed on the brand spankin new album / CD cumming end of summer 2011, just intime for the Halloween season of SamHain ^v^ this new album is taking a new direction focussing directly on film soundtrax & recreating many of the original worx of Nurse Hatchet & D-day MadCoX, dating back to the days of HeAdonistic Torment, which you will hear on the up-cumming CD! So Stay Looney Tuned!
Ok now lets go even further back,
before the Mixtress Demonatrix & Attack of the Vampirates,
back in the day (1992) D-day Madcox started off his own one man band known as:
HEADONISTIC TORMENT. soon after D-day met the most incredibly insane female performance artist, mixing artist & vocalist all in one, both being multi-talented & musically inclined, they hit it off immediately & began creating new trax for H.T. together as A PowerHouse DUO!
After years of creating trax as Headonistic Torment, D-day Madcox & Nurse Hatchet would go on to try something completely diffent, outside of the realm of music which they were currently doing! as they met up with new friend & Vampartner SpaceChalky13, together they would become known as the MALEFACTORS OF ANARCHY!
that was the first collab project D-day & Nurse Hatchet had been involved with, they would create a number of killer experimental trax as Malefactors of Anarchy durring the year of 2008, & now that D-day & the Nurse had become pretty use to the collab concept, they started to thirst for NEW BLOOD!!
Just before 2008 was to come to an end, D-day & the Nurse form The Attack of the Vampirates, a new collab concept involving over atleast 7 members from around the country & around the world. most of the songs created for the Vampirates were based on the Horror film genre, icluding doing songs created for the films they were doing special gore fx on.
the A.O.V. & H.T. & now the MIXTRESS DEMONATRIX have All been featured on such soundtrax as Herschell Gorden Lewis presents :the Chainsaw Sally Show, season #1 & currently doing soundtrax for season II (Season of the bi***)!! Get season one on dvd now, from TROMA & Forbidden Pictures!!! with the chart topping success of the A.O.V. & H.T., Naughty Nurse Hatchet decided to take the Musick to a new level of Horror Erotica & Fetish! as She takes lead charge of the "new" band concept, titling this new titilating project the MIXTRESS DEMONATRIX! becoming a non-stop chart topping POWERHOUSE from HELL!
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Celtic Sex Magick, various tools of torture & pleasure, whips, feathers, chains, handcuffs,....uuuh oh did you mean music equipment lol, well next time specify!!!
~ Angels to some Demons to others
Anything else...?
I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me.
- Hunter S.Thompson
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