*NEW* She Bad *ABSOLUTE HIT* (remastered)
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Declaration Of War
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Stadium Music Pt 2
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You Hear The King S**T on The Track

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Pharoah....producer out of style and my sound is very live and orchstra driven..when u here my music i want u to feel like u watchin the band playin live n front of u....most people here my music and they give props but sum dont catch my style cuz its not whats being played in my city right now...i crafted my style to where it fits me...its my own..I been producing for 6 years goin on seven now and i kept every beat i have ever made since i was 16 and i listenind to how much my style has changed since i started till it got to a point where i amaze my self where i sit there and love my music..people ask how long does it take u to make a beat i play around with so many different instruments when i make a beat...that it could take a hour or two or more cuz i go through so many kicks and snares and hi hats to make sure i get the right one that fits the beat to me and makes it hit....i like my bass loud and hard..make the trunk rumble..but like i said i play wit many different instruments and i like real sounding ones...i go for that live feel from horns brass strings cello's piano's lead's woodwind all of that i go thru it all just so i can bring the best out in my beat....i also play on the dramatics of the beat ...i like to build up to beat start with a bang so sum beats might have a intro where i build the beat as the song progresses...
Why this name?
My name comes from the fact ....that Pharaoh's where looked at as kings rulers or everything they over see the where looked and as a bridge between the gods ...and i feel like i created my own spot here in the game i own it im king of it all...Pharaoh
Your influences?
My Influences range far you got dj toomp drumma boy kanye west dr dre timberland danja hands polow da don 9th wonder ...Ryan Leslie like i said it can go far and wide thats just a few
Anything else...?
Man i open to work with anybody just hit me up and let me know whats up and we can go from there

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