Grif Bamaisin - Electric Brit
NEWS   Recently acquired a Boss RC50 Looper. Changes the way I do tracks to play against. I can now build an entire song live, and can change the length of a sing, add different parts to it on the fly - way cool
Dirty Laundry
Regular License $50 | Premium License $70 | Professional License $100.
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play hi-fi  Last Cold Kiss
play hi-fi  Soldier Of Fortune
play hi-fi  Still In Love
play hi-fi  Vibe
play hi-fi  Do you love me
play hi-fi  Empty Rooms Accoustic
play hi-fi  Gentle Rain
play hi-fi  Im from Abroad - Prankster 08_02_2010
play hi-fi  Keep Me Alive
play hi-fi  No Looking Back
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