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play hi-fi  The Banished
play hi-fi  Epic Liberty
play hi-fi  Mercurial Victory
play hi-fi  An Evolving Romance
play hi-fi  Idle Convergence
play hi-fi  Cello's Song
play hi-fi  The Strings of Hopes and Dreams
play hi-fi  Ventures Known
play hi-fi  Theme of Souls
play hi-fi  Oceans on the Horizon
Welcome to the musical endeavors T.Jay Rawlings, the suspiciously auspicious artist.

Please enjoy this collection of various acoustical piano compositions and extemporaneous recordings.

I periodically add new compositions as they become available so be sure to check back from time to time.

Note: Most compositions here are simply extemporaneous musings on the piano and are likely to have 'lively' mistakes in them. - After all it's my first time playing the song, true Impromptu!!!
Actual compositions that have been refined will have the (Studio Ed.) label. The Studio Edition compositions are pieces that usually are developed over the course of several months fed through inspiration and emotions of a particular auspicious day.

You may also be interested in my miscellaneous musical oddities and latest forays into electronica and trance, so check out The Exulted Playground also.

Thanks for visiting and supporting the arts!
- Tyson Rawlings
Studio Edition
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