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Mizrah Tirzah
Angels Singing Caught On Tape (early 1900s)
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A group of only about four, or five people met in the early 1900s to practice their music for the church services, singing acapella. They recorded it and were amazed at what they heard!
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There exists music in a far, far away place to which I hope to return to live in my Heavenly Father's house forever, that absolutely transcends anything we have on earth. I know that neither myself, or any other being on this earth will ever begin to come close to composing it here -- and songs sung by choirs of angels and all those around the heavenly throne so enthralling -- no human voice will ever come close to touching that which is so far above us and so indescribably beautiful. It's hard to imagine any music or song, which is more amazing than the finest we have here on earth. But it is ever so real. I know my compositions, lyrics, and voice will never, compare to that, which we will never have here on this earth as we know it now even with all the training I plan to pursue at college in the next few years. But I can at least seek to create and perform to my highest potential with the gifts God has given me and the knowledge I will gain at one of the universities with the highest standards of excellence in the country and is outstanding in the field of music. It is my hope that at least the tiniest glimmer of the transcendent music of heaven will shine through my work. Just maybe I can share a little of what I and so many other near death experiencers have heard along with those on earth how have had the miraculous happen and heard angels singing here.

Below is a video with an old time preacher sharing such an event with his listeners along with a duplication of an old large reel tape recording of such an event. Four or five people had gathered for choir practice, singing only acapella and only as a group. No one sang a solo. When they played back the tape they were absolutely astounded to find they had not been singing alone! There was full orchestration in the background with a choir of angels singing. One angel sang a solo with the "verse" to the song, "Hallelujah," which is a song we used to sing in my church when I was growing up. If I remember correctly, before this tape, no one actually knew the verse to the song, only the chorus. The people were so amazed they took the tape to a university to have it tested. The results were no less astounding than the actual tape. According to the researchers who ran the tape through their testing equipment, the voices of the angels had such a high pitch that no human could possibly reach it. Not only that, but it was proven that the angels did not "breathe" when they sang, holding their notes far beyond what any human could do without taking a breath. Much more information is on the video via the tape duplication. Please watch and listen. You will be amazed!

More than these things, let us pursue "pure love," which is the essence of holiness, without which, no man can please God. This we can only do through his son, Jesus Christ who so selfishlessly gave himself for us all that we might not have to experience outer darkness, but live in a place he prepared for us to live with him and his Father and our Father forever and ever.
Why this name?
It came to me recently in a dream. I will post more information including the meaning here in this section as soon as possible.
Do you play live?
Not at the moment. However, I should be making appearances in the not too distant future. I am making preparations now. Lately I was ordering new sound equipment and worship tools, only knowing part of why I was doing it. The purpose became more clear as the equipment and tools began to arrive in my home, with my silver trumpet and shofar arriving on the first day of Rosh Hashanah recently. Of course, this was not merely coincidental and though I had heard of Rosh Hashanah I did not know anything about the event, or that it was "The Festival of Trumpets." That information came to me online as I surfed the internet the day my trumpets came in. More details later. : )
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
In a major way! I think it has given artists a chance to promote their own music to the entire world and this is especially important for "unknowns" like myself.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I recently signed with a major lable, quite by accident, if one can believe that. Lol. In any case, that is just the way it happened. And through the company it was recommended I sign with another major label, a well known PRO (Performing Rights Organization), but I have not yet signed this contract as I am not at all sure about if I should. This one seems far too invasive as I would like to remain an indie music artist as long as possible.
Band History:
Digital music artist for several years here on SoundClick. Now signed.
Your influences?
I will repost this later. At one time I had it on another band page under another band name, which I recently removed. Sorry!
Favorite spot?
New York City is one of my favorite cities. I also love the ocean and most any place near the water. The area in which I now live, in the foothills of the mountains of the Poconos is another favorite. Asheville and Swannanoa in North Carolina are also dear to me.
Equipment used:
For the moment, please refer to my main profile page (Song of the Angels) for this information. However, I recently purchased new sound equipment, which I will list here as soon as possible.
Anything else...?
Mizrah Tirzah music is now under contract. This page and any music, if any, not covered by the contract is protected by a "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License" as shown at the following link>

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