NEWS   Enjoying the writing & recording of the 4th upcoming Album , great vibe.
Attack With style is the creation of Musician Ian Cahill who is based in the North of England,who passionately devotes his life towards creating the finest music. Ian Cahill made the decision of becoming a solo artist so he could unleash his unique creativity in his own personal style. After playing in several bands since the age of 12 which had toured round the country,he realised that he had more passion than other members to be successful within music. So " Attack With style; " was to be his creative empathic weapon to let his soul speak.
Why this name?
It was chosen to represent who i am & that is a true musician with integrity . There is nothing i despise more than fony false titled musicians & corporate leeches , they have no place in the beautiful house of music. So i will Attack them all With style .
Do you play live?
Touring has been done the many times and i love playing live , but at the moment i'm focused on delivering the finest music.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
For good & for bad , it's great for musicians who no longer need to rely on record deals to get their music to a wide audience, it's also great for music lovers who can now listen to virtually what they want when they want. The bad is that music quality of an mp'3 will never beat a C.D straight from the master disc. Growing up I loved to build a huge c.d collection and read the inlay cards of all my favourite artists , i feel that is something the mp'3 can never give the fan. I don't really care for the music industry , i care for the music and the true artists & fans as they are the ones who truely understand what it's all about.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I'm very happy signed to an Independent Label , they have give me the freedom i need to compose music. If i got offered a major tomorrow I would more than likely decline , there is nothing they could offer me that would make me leave my current Label. All i ever wanted to do was record my own music and i have achieved a position where i can do that, so there is no need to sign with a major. I also dont care about money,it's all about the music. I just want to give back to music the amazing thing it has given me, and that is my love,passion & life.
Band History:
Attack With Style - is my own Solo Project .
Your influences?
This is impossible to answer without my fingers falling off from over typing
Favorite spot?
In my home studio
Equipment used:
I have a large variety of equipment for my art. But its my heart and soul that do the speaking, my equipment simply amplifies it.
Anything else...?
Yeah thanks for checking me out. If you have any questions or feedback then please contact me at ( ) and all will be answered. I will always give my fans 100% integrity and respect.


Ian John Cahill - Attack With style
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The 1st Track On - Peace Portal
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The 2nd Track On - Peace Portal
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The 3rd Track On - Peace Portal
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