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Marty Miller
NEWS   Just finished a song called "1073rd". I did all of the music and singing. Not professionally produced, but am hoping it will be a blessing to many people in the military, and their families!! You can hear the song at
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Marty Miller is a singer/songwriter/performer from Belmont, Michigan. He performs throughout Michigan and surrounding states. He has a CD out called, Both Eyes Open. Marty is working on a few new songs, and revamping some old ones...
Why this name?
Because it is my given name...... : )
Do you play live?
I have presented concerts now for about 20 years in churches, schools, camps, prisons, colleges, coffee houses, etc... all throughout Michigan and the 4 surrounding states. Among all of the areas of Christian music, I think sharing my songs with other believers in a concert setting is probably my favorite part of the whole music area, although jamming with other musicians is fun too.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Very slowly for now, but I think we will begin to see a change in how people normally take music into their home. For the most part, people generally hear a song on the rdaio and go buy the CD, or order it thru the internet. MP3s will help the labeled and unlabeled artists alike, but specifically, the artists who have not been able to get radio time or space on a bookstore shelf, but have a GOOD project, will be able to share it easier thru internet MP3s... I mainly use MP3s thru email with churches for possible future concerts.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
That would depend on the label and how much freedom I would have with my music and concert bookings. Labels are not altogether sinful, but they do physically seem to work at keeping indies down, so they can stay on top... As a labeled artist, i would continue to try to change that.
Band History:
BIOGRAPHY of Marty Miller

Hi. My name is Marty Miller.

I first began writing lyrics to songs while in Bible College, and started putting some acoustic numbers together with another artist. We ended up going around for awhile and doing some home-made concerts in a number of churches around Michigan. I started doing solo concerts around 1982. Throughout the 80s and 90s, I have always worked full-time, and sang on the weekends, mostly in Michigan. In the past few years, I have been going out of state off and on.

My concerts are very honest, open and “human”. The message from my songs and dialogue tend to be directed 90% towards Christians, and their walk in Christ. I love to see new people brought to the Lord, but my main message tends to be two things: To lift up each other up in unity, as we live out our spiritual lives in this often dark and confusing world, and also to encourage or even convict those people of God who have become somewhat stale in their “actions” for the Lord.

I did a major album project back at the beginning of 2000, and use those songs in concerts and with other local musicians. I am also writing new songs, and play guitar to them, while using my Yahoo keyboard as my "band". I have an older CD called "Love Will Shine Through" that I would like to update in the near future.

I am using the internet more, to get my music out to other artists, radio, and new churches for possible concerts. My main focus will always be sharing with other believers through concerts, working with Christians through one-on-one fellowship and correspondence, and also writing new songs that will help others, from things I learn and hear in my daily walk.
Your influences?
I don't really have any specific ones, enjoy all areas of music...
Favorite spot?
That would be a 3 way tie between Australia, the U. P., and West Virginia...
Equipment used:
I have a Behringer board, Crown amp, Bose speakers (no monitors), and a rack of effects, CD player, compression, etc... that I take with me to churches, and I use a Yamaha 740 Keyboard for piano and also for background band tracks. I have an Ovation and Taylor guitar, a few effects petals, vocal harmonizer, etc, and just share a coffee house sort of honest, open concert. I sing my own songs, plus songs from any artist that truly speaks to me, and also share in worship songs.
Anything else...?
My main correspondence is through my web site at
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