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Kontrapunkt IS Nick Zigic. Involved in the music industry since the late 1970's as a musician, composer, arranger and producer, Nick shifted from genre to genre experimenting with forms and styles, until recently finding comfort in desktop produced, "single man", electronic music.
Why this name?
"While putting my first band together, I noticed on the shelf behind my guitarist a book by Victor Hugo translated in Bosnian as "Kontrapunkt Zivota" (Les Miserables), and instantly fell in love with the name. Looking up the meaning of the word in the Bosnian dictionary it became obvious that this is the right name for the long term project I had in mind: "two different melodies played together in perfect harmony"."
Do you play live?
"I used to play the bass guitar for my first (rock/heavy metal) band. We had weekly performances at local clubs. The sound was ear-popping loud. In does days (late 70's) people would get stoned or drunk fairly quickly and our performances would usually end up with a club-wide fight. I remember those days as ones of "true music experience"."
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
"We are definitely entering a new faze of music exchange (distribution). Where as a kid, I had to buy complete albums from a particular band only to hear one or two favorite songs, people today can choose to pay to download only the songs they like. This puts more demand for quality work on the artists but also gets rid of all the "junk" produced just to publish an album. I am all in for it. Let the best art win!"
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
The early fazes of Nick's musical experience started with a heavy metal, four person band. Even though striking instant success and contra verse media commentaries, the band is doomed to split due to lack of disciple of some members, and inadequate rehearsal space. Kontrapunkt, as the band was named by Nick himself, produced and performed music materials for 3 albums, but recorded only one. Nick decides to start a recording studio and discover and launch new musical talents. In 1992 Nick moved to Los Angeles and since then has been experimenting with electronica/dance music.
Your influences?
Floorplay, Sash, Darude, Paul Oakenfold, ...
Favorite spot?
Sarajevo, Bosnia
Equipment used:
Korg Electribe MX, computer production workspace (recording software), ...
Paradise Lane
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