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Soundd-Prooff is a hip-hop group with two members originating from New Jersey and New York. FOCUS was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. Graduated from Lincoln High School in which during his freshman year Def Jam Artist Joe Budden attended the same school. FOCUS grew up listening to soul albums and early 80s hip-hop and by the time he was in his late teens he spent more time in New York. Garnering other music elements to embody his style; he was then signed to a one year managment contract with One World Artists .

Singing background and dancing as a B-Boy for MJ (Manny and Joy - brother and sister group from Hoboken,NJ) they toured various areas in the east coast. Eventualy, performing to a group of over 16,000 at the PNC Bank Arts Center, FOCUS performed one of his early tracks "Streets". In 2001 after the attacks on The World Trade Center, FOCUS was featured with MJ Medina on a dedication track called "Brave New American Heroes". After 3 years with One World Music, FOCUS and the management company parted ways due to a difference in music direction. At the time FOCUS recorded four songs produced by Biddy Valdez and the CEO of One World Artists (David Musial) did not like the subject matter in some of the songs. During his tenure at One World Artists FOCUS performed for over 50,000 people without releasing a full solo album. The original EP was shelved at the time he was then going by the name Excel, however by the time he began working with Biddy Valdez his name was changed to FOCUS. This marked his venture into who he really is as an artits.

After years of sharpening his skills, while living in Miami Beach he met up with Tom Pockets and soon formed the group Soundd-Prooff. Focusing past life experiences, social movement and something to bump in your stereos, their sound was both groundbreaking and head knocking.

Now it's time for a turning point. Coming Soon a new full album from FOCUS entitled "Turning Point"
Keep on the look out for it in 2012.
Why this name?
Only good music comes from a sound proof - hence the name - a reference to good quality music...FOCUS came up with the name...
Do you play live?
NYC, NJ , and soon Miami Beach.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
FOCUS and Tom Pockets both born from a struggle in the hood yearned to get their music out to the public. FOCUS born in NJ while Tom Pockets was from NY, their sound is original and fresh.
Favorite spot?
NYC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, The Bay Area, Miami, NJ
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