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Heart Of The Android
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Paul Nery is the former member of the Brazilian progressive bands "Simbiose" ( 1973-75) and "Zona Franca"( 1976-1982).NOMINATED FOR THE IOMA 2005 (INTERNET ONLINE MUSIC AWARDS) IN THE CATEGORY "BEST MALE SOLO ARTIST"; he also won the IOMA 2006 ( Internet Online Music Award ) for " Best CD Artwork", "Best CD Label Design", and "Best Instrumental" ( for the song "Tales from An Australian Dreamscape"). Also nominated for "Best Artist","Best Male Solo Artist", "Best Composer","Best Collaboration" ( with the great Ed Drury )
Why this name?
After playing in various bands in the seventies, with all the problems that involve band members,I decided to record everything myself and use my own name.
Do you play live?
I played live a lot with my bands. It´s a great sensation, especially when the crowd is having a good time with your music. For some time I also decided to only sing...great experience also.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The main change was the opportunity to reach all parts of the world almost instantly.This can make your music known everywhere...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I received some invitations, but none really interested me.
Band History:
I started back in 1968, when I learned to play guitar and immediately started to write my own songs...I played in some bands, but always liked to play the music I wrote...I still play with some friends, but I prefer to record all instruments myself.
Your influences?
BOB MOOG - without him music would never be like it is today... Bill Nelson ( Be Bop De Luxe, Red Noise), Steve Howe, Jimmy Page, Eric bands like Renaissance , Yes, Asia, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Recordando o Vale das Macas, Mutantes (Brazil).
Favorite spot?
A desert beach.
Equipment used:
Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960, Gibson ES-335, Nighthawk , Epiphone doubleneck, Fender Dobro and mandolin, various guitars with internal GK hexaphonic pickups , GUITAR SYNTHS: Roland VG-8 EX, Roland GR-09 , GR-20 and GR-33, Keyboards:KORG i3, Moog synthesizer , Roland Juno-G, Roland Sonic Cell, Yamaha DX-100.
Anything else...?
For the curious ones, the instrument in the photo is an indian sitar...its sound is beautiful, although I currently use guitar synths to simulate it, much easier to get the right tuning...
You should also check the pages of my old (&new) bands:

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