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We are an Independent Record Label and Production company/Management. Sohlo Records has helped developed many artist as the ones you will hear on some of our music. We support the fight against domestic violence and have won awards and achievements from the State of Maryland by introducing a song titled "My Sister Needs Me" which was aired on most radio stations and TV. The song has been introduced and inducted as the State of Maryland, song for the fight against domestic violence".

Lealand Productions is our music production company that writes, produces and develops unsigned artist. We can design an entire marketing package for you to showcase to the Industry, or maybe a package just for personal use. We have a large array of original music recorded by different artist. If you hear something you like give us a "HollA" and we can design a marketing package for you. We do R&B, Hip Hop, Pop and some Jazz. We also do jingles for radio and TV Send a message and we can see what we can do for you!

Currently we are featuring a collection of music by one of our Producers and Artist/vocal development named "LEA". We also have a surprise artist soon to appear and she is going to be one of the "Hottest" young artists yet! Keep watching for her.

We want to do what do best and leave the B-------T to those who want to use others for their own personal gain, those out there that do not appreciate your team and give back the same effort and hard work will never make it, no matter how far they think they are going. They are "Users" and Losers" we pray for them daily.

So, if you have the desire and the potential to succeed in whatever you want to do in life, you belong with our family, if not, God Bless anyway! Just don't bring it around here! Look for some BIG surprises in the International market for our family, God is Blessing us daily
Please contact our A&R Dir: Charlene Taylor if interested in getting you a strong, marketable product.
Why this name?
Sohlo was designed for the "Sohlo Artist"
Do you play live?
We work everywhere, looking at international tour.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Technology has got us where we are
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We will give our artist that opportunity if he/she wants it
Band History:
Lealand Productions is our Production Company and Management Enterprises:
Norman Turner - Dir. of Ops,
Taundra Hayes - Dir. of Admin.,
Charlene Taylor - Dir. of A&R,
Al Vaughn -Dir. of Public Relations,
Lea Thompson - CEO/Producer/writer,/music production, artist development, vocal development
Lee Dowtin-Senior Co-Producer "Hottest music scores"
Besinuwa Streeter: Sohlo Featured singer, R&B, Incredible talent!

Influences Artist that work hard and never get a break
Sounds Like YOU
Record Label Sohlo Records,Inc"
Type of Label Indie
Your influences?
EWF, Micheal Jackson, Cherelle, Patrice Rushin, Rick James,
This is exactly our motto at Sohlo Records and Mark has proven it to be true: Never let anyone tell you your music isn't what you believe it to be. Some one and somewhere there is a place for you and what you bring to the table if you believe in YOU and the people who help you. We currently have two artist signed to our label: Besinuwa Streeter (SYM), "LEA", and upcoming "The Best MC" "FIN-NES" as the hottest new rapper on the scence
Favorite spot?
New York City
Equipment used:
Pro tools
Anything else...?
A Message for Artist out there: Remember, you did not get where you are without the help of others and no matter what, stay loyal to those who believe in you. Give 100%percent at all times.
Follow the direction your team is leading you until you can do better. Remember, there are others on the team trying to make it and they need to eat too! Finally, for those that have screwed others and think they are getting away with something, "The Pendulum swings both ways.
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