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Acid Fluxx
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play hi-fi  Warped Freedom (IN Memory of those Murdered in 911
play hi-fi  Dark Visions
play hi-fi  the-funky-clean-jazz-blues-fusion-thang
play hi-fi  Acid Blue
play hi-fi  Rip Tide
play hi-fi  Prepare for War
play hi-fi  As the Planets Cry
play hi-fi  Dantes Descent into the Fires of the Soul
play hi-fi  Car Trouble on a Summers Day
play hi-fi  From the Land of The New Rising Sun
I'm just a guy whose tired of all the B.S and Writes about it, using music to express.
Why this name?
Were all nothing more than dust, Some of us are just more Sentient or awake than the Rest, isnt that Right Musicians!!
Do you play live?
Yea I Play live down at the park with an acoustic and friends
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Makes it easier to get your point of view heard to many More People
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
As Long as They wanted to buy the music I've written, or allowed me to set final Parameters over Final release.
Your influences?
I was just given a Talent that allows me to express my Soul, So GOD is First in Line. Next the criminals who run our government (Where did you think the mafia went after becoming a "law abiding corporation"?, just became satisfied with that low level of control and became content? Without Our Corporate Government (The Nephilim) making stupid, boastful moves, From McCain shooting people in the face , to Reagan and north bringing in cocaine by the plane loads, I would have never realized there was something worth fighting for.
Favorite spot?
Boston Harbor. It's about time for another Tea Party!!
Equipment used:
Ibanez J.s 100 and Ibanez Prestige. pod farm ux2 by line 6 a couple of basses, keyboards and a microphone
Anything else...?
humans are the most corruptible beings in existence, so even a good man can come from a Blackened Past. He can also choose to head down a darkened road and forfeit his Soul. The trick is to receive truth where ever it's found and weed the fallible human aspect
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