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Reaction 7
Truck Driver
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'Truck Driver' from Very Generic Productions recording artists Reaction 7
Me and Eye
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Each album by Reaction 7 contains a variety of musical styles from modern rock to techno to americana with many songs often containing a mix of those influences. This band works hard at sounding different than the others (and sometimes succeeds!) and breaks away from delivering "formula" songs. Many of the tracks are recorded in one or two takes to maintain a feeling of spontaneity and freshness.
Why this name?
Oh boy...pick a band name nobody used yet. After an extensive 5 minute search of internet, the band discovered that Reaction 7 had not been taken (at least for a band name) so they grabbed it and trademarked it. The band wanted to use one of Frank's previous band names but it was already being used by a published German group.
Do you play live?
Due to two different surgeries for Frank and several long term illnesses in the band's immediate families, Reaction 7 has not been performing live during the 2008-2013 period. Especially memorable was Frank dancing around on the stage in pain at McCarthy's ale house in Cleveland, Ohio just before his first shoulder surgery. Maybe we'll try it again soon.

We're had to turn down several shows we would have liked because they were not at all-ages venues which prevented our former percussionist from performing. At this point, we are content with being an internet band and we're waiting to see what lies in the future for Reaction 7.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Are you kidding? Just look at the hardcopy CD aisle at the big national retailer more or less all of the closed record stores and that should be the answer to what changes internet has made to the music industry.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Who would want to sign us anyway? Have you actually LISTENED to our music? Our best contact with the grammy winning music label just folded up their company, so good luck. All of the other labels we looked at all said "Don't call us....period!" so now we self publish and get to keep about 30% of what we sell.
Band History:
Reaction 7 formed in 2007 to develop and release a CD for distribution and airplay based on the psychotic song arrangement of Frank Fogg, the devious guitar arrangements of Chuck Trimble and the percussive tones of Michael F. Roberts. Starting with their second album, Alan Fishell joined up to add his own guitar voicings to the mix. With the release of their sixth album, Young Thing, Bobby Schroll-Bodean joined Reaction 7 as the bass player. In 2010, Chuck Trimble left the group to pursue a solo project and was replaced by Jackson Cesa on guitar. Erik Gerard became the lead percussionist in 2010 replacing Michael Roberts. In 2013, Chuck Trimble returned to the band to share the guitar work with Alan and Frank. Chris Celleghin took over the percussion duties, while the smooth vocals of Karen Baluch were added to Reaction 7. On the 2013 release "Old Stuf" you can also hear the vocals of Caitlin Fogg on the song "Donuts".
Your influences?
Cognac, Tequila, Irish Whiskey, or Energy Drinks depending on which band member you're referring to. Honestly, we've heard a lot of the same stuff you have. We listen, we learn!
Favorite spot?
Roll and Roll Cleveland of course. Hey, does that mean we can also say Techno Bad Lobenstein, Germany? Yeah, that was one heck of a party! We're also impressed with Glacier National Park in Montana. There is a lot of space there to clear your head!
Equipment used:
We use a variety of junk -- most Fender, Gibson and Washburn for guitars and bass, Marshall and Fender for amps, and a variety of electronic crap from Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Boss, Fostex, and TC Helicon. Percussion is variety of Pearl, Zildjian, Yamaha electronic, and misc stuff. The PA system....hmmm....what are all of those buttons and lights doing anyway? Post recording production on PC.
Anything else...?
We just want to thank all of those fans that have supported us over the years and all the Cleveland area artists that have contributed their talents to the Reaction 7 project. Thanks! Love you...mean it!
Frank and Karen of Reaction 7
Chuck Trimble (from "USA" video)
Alan Fishell on guitar
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Al Fishell promo photo
Frank at Outdoor Festival (Ohio)
Frank on the 8 string bass LIVE!
Chuck Trimble on guitar
Frank in the woods on bass
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