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college boy swag
sex(freaky ish)
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that new hip hop in R&B track
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my band is called Lil Solja or You can call me college boy swag,i started rapping when i was five years and at that stage who knows what they wanna b or want to do as a i got older i started pursuing my career as an artist and started making beatz and makin hits from beatz that were on this site of beat makers who i want to help promote and show the people who used to make fun of that i wasnt that soft shy dude that people used to pick on in grade school.
Why this name?
influence and stop the violence and bring that old school flavor back to the world
Do you play live?
yes i play live at my friends and family house and all over youtube,soundclick,reverbnation and many more sites
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
the internet has changed the way the game is being done and on how people get there self out to the world and distribute there muzic with out and record deal
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
maby after i see how life wud after i perform and spend a little of the money and see if i will be able to live my normal sane life
Band History:
we are slowly rising and goin across the globe and are music is starting to have request on the radio and on movies
Your influences?
my influences are the fans,my family,my group,and the old school artist of the 70-90S
Favorite spot?
anymy favorite spots to be in are places that i can chill relax and kick it with my fans and my friends and family
Equipment used:
garage band,magix music maker 12 deluxe edition
Anything else...?
check me out on these sites
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