fighting dan
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"fighting dan" was a project I started around 1995-96. I grew up making noise with various things around my room and recording those things. I went through a couple of cheap casio keyboards when I was younger then got my first Roland Jupider 6 in 94'. In 95' I bought a Mirage Sampler for about $40 and started sequencing noises and trying to create my own sounds. I started recording stuff with in under the name "fighting dan" (short for fighting dantalian). The last recording I did under fighting dan was "Numbers" which was more like the music I recorded in my room before I had any equipment at all. The last full lengh cd was "The reflection" which I finished up in 2004. I am currently working on some new stuff under the name "Empath and Malicey". Look for it on soundclick.

Click the link below to get to the soundclick "Empath and Malicey" page. 8/22/07
Why this name?
dantalian was a figure that caused love.
Do you play live?
not unless i can add some more people...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
yes it does
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
sure, why not... Got to sing about nothing for a while to get enough exposure to sing about something...
Band History:
been playing noise for about 15 years now....
Your influences?
skinny puppy, the cure, radiohead, christian death, joy division, bauhaus, bowie, brian eno, syd barret/pink floyd, pink dots, jesus and the mary chain, this mortal coil, death in june, dead can dance, peter ulrich, psychic tv, pigface, tear garden, gary numan, omd, Front 242, leonard cohen, johnny cash, etc...if you've listend to any of these bands i've prob been influenced by many of the bands in your music collection...
Favorite spot?
devils hopyard ct
Equipment used:
soundforge, sonar, reason, boss vf1, oxygen 8, roland jupider 6, roland xp30, junk guitar, audio technica at822, ADat for sampling... mainly just lots of sound editing and sampling...
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