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NEWS   Pimp Hand Productions has got beats for sale. 3 Beats for $500!!! That's 50% off the regular price. This offer is for EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS. I accept payment via PayPal, that includes Check and Credit/Debit. If you want to pay by Money Order, I will not accept anything other than a POSTAL MONEY ORDER. Call us at 2147108619!!! Don't wait any longer. Add some quality to you quantity. Call Pimp Hand Productions. We'll show you how to Keep It Pimpin!!! To lease or purchase exclusive rights to our beats visit our OFFICIAL WEB PAGE at http://OneDeepEnt.ning.com/.

The Mann
Pimp Hand Productions/One Deep Ent. LLC
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play hi-fi  That Killa sh**
play hi-fi  Fresh Out The Gate (FREE DOWNLOAD)
play hi-fi  Bleach Couldn't Fade This (FREE DOWNLOAD)
play hi-fi  That Real Pimp Sh!t
play hi-fi  Last Chance
play hi-fi  When Hell Freezes Over (Free Download)
play hi-fi  All Natural
play hi-fi  Fucc Wit Me
play hi-fi  Lil Mama Twirkin That Thang
play hi-fi  Get Off My Dicc
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