Wormwood Prophecy
Nights in Berlin
New School
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Band History:
Wormwood Prophecy formed together as a band in late 2008, but the epic journey started many years ago when five young metal heads in high school decided to throw their social life away and hone in on their skills. It wasn't until Jon Broadbent teamed up with Mat Matsuki, regularly shredding. It was obvious they had something going. The pursuit was on for the rest of the line up.

Another regular jam guitarist of Jon's, Steven Nix, was introduced into the mix one day when he was invited to come jam out. While no extra guitar was readily available for him, a lonesome bass sat in the corner and it was clear he found his calling. Steven just wanted to jam and drink beer.

And they began writing songs. After jamming to a few ideas and at a few house parties with some friends the time for a real drummer arose. Victor Corrales found out about the position and contacted the guys and before you knew it, he was hanging out, drinking beers and fit right in.

Jon had been working on his vocals for a little while and decided to take on the epic task of shredding and screaming at the same time.

So the final element needed was a keyboardist. Korie Hilliard had been a long time friend of the band, and was there at every practice and every get together just hanging out. She had a background in piano so Jon taught her some songs and the rest is history.

With the final line up in place, and nothing holding them back, Wormwood Prophecy is on the fast track to releasing there LP and playing the local Jacksonville circuit.
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