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Steven Duemler
Winter of Hope
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Still Go On
Hip Hop
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Why this name?
It my name.
Do you play live?
Yes, I play at Mulligans Open mic on Wednesdays.
Band History:
Sitting at a local diner, a young man approaches a slightly older man eating a country fried steak and drinking rum. He asks him in a frightened tone, " How have you come to be? I thought you were just a legend?"

The Man says nothing for a moment, picks up the glass of rum before him and finishes it off. The boy looks around as if the devil himself had just entered the room.

"I have always been. You have seen me, but you denied me."
The Man slowly turns his head toward the boy with a smirk on his face. He gets up from the diner table and faces the young boy. The Man can see in in the boy's eyes that he is scared. The boy moves his head to the left a bit and sees the guitar on the booth seat, the old tattered wooden body, the fretboard was covered in years of loneliness, depression, hope, moose poop, and hydraulic grease.
The Man can see the boy making eye contact with his lover, the guitar.

"Wanna hold it?" he asks the boy.
The Man looks at him with a look that says yes. The boy goes for the instrument of legend and The Man grabs his arm,
"Once you touch it, you will be forever bound to it until YOU pass it on the nest chosen one. You must respect and love it, name it, give it a home and most importantly, give it a purpose. A guitar is no good unless you give it a breath of life, with it you have the power to make life."

The Man let go of the boy's arm, smiles and dissipates into forever.
Favorite spot?
Grand Rapids, MI. It's a pretty sweet place to live if I do say so myself.
Equipment used:
I used a Jackson Dinky w/ a Floyd Rose, a Crate XT120R , an Epiphone 12 string w/ only 6 strings, a standard computer microphone, FL Studio 9 producers edition. I just picked up an Ibanez Artcore semi-hollow body. It's very nice.
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